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Self Storage Costs


Self Storage Costs And Consequences Of Non-Payment

Many people assume that if they do not pay their bill, the self storage company can sell the contents to recover their s...

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Customer Information


What Happens if I Can’t Pay for my Self Storage Unit?

Most people have seen the TV programmes about auctioning off the contents of storage units. Normally U.S. based, these p...

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Household storage ideas


Loft Storage: Tips and Tricks

From decades of experience in self storage and helping homeowners organise their properties, we’ve learned that ma...

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Self Storage Costs


Can A Self Storage Centre Sell My Goods?

Have things been a little tight financially? Maybe you’ve missed a payment on your self storage rental? When it co...

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Long Term Storage


Long Term Storage Versus Short Term Storage

People choose self storage for various reasons, from moving home, downsizing, retiring, home improvements or going on ho...

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Is Self Storage Worth The Cost?

Many people wonder whether self storage is worth the cost and the truth is that it often depends on your requirements. T...

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General Storage


10 reasons why people use self storage

More and more people are using self storage units for more and more reasons. Some are outgrowing their space, others wan...

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Storage units


Can I Give Other People Access To My Storage Unit?

People often ask this question but the answer depends as not all storage facilities follow the same rules. Many companie...

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Storage Boxes


Choosing The Right Containers For Self Storage

Boxes come in various shapes and sizes and choosing the right containers for self storage may be more important than you...

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Business Storage


Dos and Don’ts of Business Storage

Many business owners would agree that business storage is rather limited as not everyone has sufficient space to store e...

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