Using self storage whilst moving house

General Storage | 30.09.13

Apparently, it’s the most stressful time of your life. No, not your wedding day or your first day at school, but moving house!

As any house mover will tell you, first, it’s about selling your own property and finding a suitable destination for you and your family. Then, you need to instruct a solicitor and a surveyor. Finally, having already put your own property up for sale, it’s about selling it. If you say all four of those tasks quickly enough, it doesn’t seem to be a too stressful mission, does it?

Well, when you add to that, the small matter of moving your lifelong possessions, furniture and your clothes, food, garden tools and vehicles, it can become a little exacting – to say the least. Most people will cart all of their belongings with them, choosing not to leave anything behind and finding that when they arrive at their new property, they have underestimated the available space.

That is often the case if you are downsizing – too many items, too little space.The answer to that is simple. If you are moving house, why not consider using a self storage unit to keep some of those items that you might not need in the short term. What could be easier? Box them up, label them, stack them in an orderly fashion and leave enough space in the unit to walk around and access any of the boxes whenever you might need them.In the short term, it buys you time. In the medium term, it provides you with an opportunity to take stock of what you have and in the longer term, you will have an accessible unit in which your goods are safe and which you can revisit at any time.

Five items you might want to store whilst moving house:


Antiques and treasured possessions – During a house move you might stumble across a number antiques of collectibles that you cannot find space for in your new home. Don’t throw them away. Pack them well and store them in self storage unit.

Clothes – you might have de-cluttered prior to your move and established that you have many, many unwanted items of clothing. Of course, you could take them to a clothes bank or a charity shop, but you might want to earn a few extra pounds from them,. If you pack them well in bags, label them and take them to a storage unit, you can return at any time and maybe post them on ebay.

Garden furniture – if your new property is lacking in outside space, it might be that you have one or two items of garden furniture that simply cannot be placed in your new garden. Don’t throw them away, you never know when you might build a new shed in your new back garden and find some covered space for the said items.

Furniture – if you are downsizing, you are sure to find that not all of your furniture will fit in your new home. Why not seek advice on how to cover your furniture items and then store them until you are ready to sell? It might be that you are planning an extension in your new house. If you store your extra furniture, you won’t have to buy new items when the extension is ready.

Wines and spirits – if you enjoy hosting parties and family soirees, it’s likely that you have a decent stash of wine in the cellar or outside in the garage. If your new property is without such a facility, you could always transport your wine and beer collection to a small unit where it will remain in good condition, properly boxed and easily accessible. Some wines can be expensive. This article about storing wine may help you decide when and how to move and store your bottles.

If you are moving house and have any questions about utilising a self storage unit, why not contact us here or post a comment below.

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