Tips and Tricks for Theatre Storage

Costume storage | 15.12.22

It’s that time of the year again: Pantomime season! If you are part of one of these esteemed theatre groups, you understand how much effort and dedication it takes to bring a production alive. Theatre companies frequently face financial difficulties, so theatre storage offers a convenient way to store equipment without breaking the bank.

Whether it’s costumes, props, stage makeup, set dressing or spare sound and lighting equipment, theatre groups have a lot of stuff that needs to be kept secure. At Space Centre, we understand this need for convenient storage solutions, which is why we offer affordable options specifically tailored towards the demands of theatrical organisations like yours. Here are our top tips for getting the most out of your theatre storage so that your valuable gear remains safe!

5 Tips to Enhance Your Theatre Storage

1. Utilise clear bins and label everything clearly

When it comes to theatre storage, choose clear plastic bins over cardboard boxes. Not only will this make finding what you need more accessible, but these containers are sturdier and better suited for long-term storage. Be sure to label each bin with helpful information like which shows they correspond to or if there are particularly notable pieces from past production inside.

2. Organise theatre storage by era and type

When storing costumes and props, it’s wise to arrange them by era; that way, you can immediately find what you need depending on the period you are trying to portray. On the other hand, items such as glassware are more challenging to categorise according to the time period. For these pieces, organise them based on type instead.

3. Protect delicate items by wrapping them

Protect your theatre group’s valuable investments by securely wrapping up electronics, sound gear, and other pricey items before placing them in theatre storage. Moving blankets are ideal for electrical equipment, while bubble wrap is perfect for anything breakable. Designate a specific spot inside the storage area to store all wrapped items, so you know where to look when it’s time to bring them out again! Taking this extra step will ensure that your investment remains safe and secure.

4. Ensure all costumes are clean before you place them in theatre storage

Before you place any of your costumes in storage, ensure they are laundered and thoroughly dried. Additionally, carry out the same procedure after a performance run has ended before their return to storage. Allowing oils from skin contact or scent-filled perfumes/lotions to remain on the material for an extended period will damage it over time, ultimately destroying your costumes! 

5. Invest in appropriate shelving and hanging rails

Maximise your theatre storage with metal shelving and clothing racks. Place costumes on the storage rail to store them safely, and organise plastic bins and other items into neat piles on shelves. This method gives you easy access to what you need, so you don’t waste time rummaging through everything when you need to find something specific.

Theatre Storage: How to Store Costumes

Before storing any valuable materials, such as costumes and stage essentials, it is paramount that they are dry and clean to avoid moulding and rotting. To prevent damage and deterioration of your belongings, you must take special precautions to ensure everything stays free from moisture and dirt until you are ready to use them again.

  • Before sending your costumes off to theatre storage, inspect them for any stains or residue that could cause damage in the long run. Talk with a professional dry cleaner about your plans; they may help you by stuffing sleeves and preparing items for storage saving you time and energy.
  • Deciding how to store your costumes is a crucial part of the process. Hanging them on rails, if available, is almost always the best option – just make sure you use padded and sturdy hangers. If laying flat is your only option, avoid creating too many layers or piling up multiple items, as this could cause damage over time.
  • We recommend avoiding garages and lofts as these locations are often too humid for proper storage. The safest option is a climate-controlled self-storage unit, which you can easily rent at an affordable price. Before signing the contract, thoroughly inspect your unit to ensure it’s clean and dry inside.

Benefits of Using a Theatre Storage Unit

No matter how large or small your production company is, whether you’re a costume designer or sound engineer working solo, self storage can be incredibly advantageous. Here are some of the benefits of using theatre storage for your production equipment:

  • A more accessible and affordable way to declutter your home, garage or production office.
  • Theatre stage units provide a safe and clean store environment and come in various sizes to suit your budget.
  • Space Centre has access control and 24-hour CCTV surveillance
  • Your storage unit is exclusively accessible to you as you have the only key
  • Keeps your belongings clean and dry, as theatre storage units have climate controlled
  • Protects your costumes, props and equipment safe from mould, mildew and dampness.
  • No need to create clutter at home with stage blocks
  • To make loading and unloading of large set pieces easy, our facilities offer drive-up access for convenience.
  • Conveniently located facilities across the UK in Stroud, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Stonehouse and Bristol.

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Why Choose Space Centre for Your Theatre Storage?

Are you hoping to find a storage unit that meets your needs without breaking the bank? By using our convenient online Price & Size Guide, you can quickly and easily identify the perfect size to meet your needs. Space Centre also provides complimentary insurance coverage of up to £3,000; if you need more cover, you are welcome to use your own insurance provider.

Our facility is under 24-hour CCTV surveillance and has an alarm system to give you added safety and security. For added assurance, we provide you with a lock and your own exclusive key. To learn more about theatre storage costs or reserve yours today, visit our website or contact us for help from our knowledgeable staff! 

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