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General Storage | 01.04.11

Do you have lots of belongings, but don’t know where to store them all? Unlike in previous years, we are now living in an age where people are travelling and moving around more than ever. As a result, a significant need for temporary storage solutions has emerged, and we at Space Centres are here to provide the ideal answer. Within our handy storage Stroud centre, we are able to provide private and secure units for everyone who needs additional temporary storage for their contents.

Keeping your belongings within storage facilities is more popular than ever, due to the convenient and easy options which they provide. We’ve recognised the need for such storage, and have developed our premises to offer the best possible service to all those looking for storage containers.

Within our site, we are able to accommodate for goods of all shapes and sizes. As our units are available in a range of different sizes, you’ll be sure to find one which best fits your contents, meaning that you won’t have to pay for bigger units than you need.

The units available range from 20 sq ft – 200 sq ft, and each have individual pricing to reflect their size, giving you the best possible cost. We are also happy to match the price of any competitors, to guarantee you receive the highest level of satisfaction.

It can often be difficult to try and estimate exactly how much space you will need within your unit, so we recommend to first talk to a friendly member of our team, who will be able to help in determining the right size for you.

Many people using temporary storage want to be able to come and go as they like, whenever they like. You will be able to access your unit any time you wish, and we allow you to drive right up to the unit itself, which is highly convenient when you’re on the move.

Finding safe storage Stroud has never been easier. With Space Centres, you’ll be able to make use of having a reliable and secure facility at your fingertips, available whenever you need it.

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