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General Storage | 30.12.16

It’s about now that you’ll be looking around you and wondering where on earth you are going to put everything once Christmas is over. You may have been tempted by the many offers around and added a few extra decorations that will need somewhere to live until next time. In addition there are the gifts you received and if you’ve got children, there’s probably still a pile of things on the floor in each room that need to find a home. It’s time to get smart with storage solutions for everyone.

It’s very likely that with a little thought or re-organisation you can find a place for everything, and if not, you’ve got serious clearing out to do! Here are a few ideas for creating a little extra storage space throughout the house that won’t cost the earth.

There are lots of nooks and crannies, and even more obvious areas where a little more storage space can be found. The most obvious places to go first are under the bed and on top of wardrobes. If using these consider using boxes and baskets to allow you to stack neatly and keep things looking tidy. The tops of cupboards and drawers can get cluttered and messy so using smaller baskets and containers that have multiple sections will help. When it comes to jewellery, there are attractive stacking solutions around now which allow you to organise your jewellery items and keep the space taken up to a minimum. If you’ve got open bedside cabinets, or tables with space underneath you can use baskets to slot in. If you’ve already got drawers, consider getting some small dividers or boxes to go inside them to help store things more tidily. You can get baskets storage containers of all shapes and sizes, no matter how small that space is, it’s likely you can find something to fit it. If not, consider putting up a few small shelves. Finally, hooks placed on the underside of shelves and the inside of doors are a great a way to store scarves, belts etc. This post from Ideal Home has some great images of what can be achieved in a child’s bedroom using the sorts of ideas we talk about.

Living Space
Generally there’s not too much need for lots of things to be stored in your main living room. Generally the things that cause a headache are DVDs and CDs etc. As with bedrooms, in most cases there’s a little bit of space somewhere that can be found. If you have no storage in TV cabinets or drawers in furniture, consider a few attractive baskets that will fit into a corner somewhere – you can always stack a couple on top of each other. Have you got a gap behind the sofa? You can always slide a few baskets behind there.

This, along with the bedroom tends to be the room where most people are looking for additional storage solutions. As with bedrooms, racks and hooks on the inside of doors and the underside of shelves are great for smaller items like pan lids and spice bottles and packets. Most wall mounted kitchen cupboards have dead space above them. Consider popping things that are seldom used up there – be careful not to put anything too heavy up there! If you got some new saucepans or appliances for Christmas, be realistic about what they’ll replace. If you’ve got a drawer full of odd pans you’ve been using and now have brand spanking new matching set, it’s time to get rid of the old ones. If they’re still in good condition, consider passing them on to a charity.

If you’ve moved things around and still can’t find the storage space you need, it really is time for a rethink. You need to have a thorough clear out or think about some home renovations that will help create the space you need. In the short term while you’re deciding what to do, those things you know will only be used a couple of times a year can be stored in a small self storage unit.

If you’re in our area, have run out of storage space at home and want some temporary self storage while you decide what to do, get in touch.
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