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General Storage | 06.06.12

Whether we are at home or at university, there can be times where we feel like we are running out of space, and many can make the mistake of freeing up this space by selling or disposing of some of their valuables instead of looking for a solution where they can have the best of both worlds. If you are in the Filton area, the best possible solution will be to come to Space Centre Self Storage and make use of over 700 units for storage Filton that we have readily available just along the A38.

Why rid of any valuables that may be so close to you, when you can simply store them away in a place where they will be safe and secure until you wish to use them again or have the appropriate room for them at your own home or workplace?

Our storage isn’t simply for storing away items that you no longer have the room for at home but still have a place for in your heart, as our units, which vary in size, can also be perfectly suited to aiding you when moving home or office and also taking some of the clutter away from your commercial property if you are expanding. If you are planning to move, our short-term storage plans can be the best way to move without any stress, as you will be able to move in stages and avoid the impending worry of having to do it all in one day.

For commercial purposes, our secure archive and document storage can be utilised for the long term and being on an easy access site close to all areas, you will be able to visit whenever you need to consult any past documents.

Here at Space Centre Self Storage, our storage Filton is a solution for most of your space-saving problems, so for somewhere that is clean, dry, secure and above all affordable – contact us today.

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