5 top tips on packing boxes the right way

General Storage | 30.12.13

There is a right and a wrong way to do everything. It goes without saying. If you listen to a decent piece of advice, all will go smoothly. If you ignore the recommendations of others, you are likely to make more trouble for yourself. The same goes when it comes to moving house or de-cluttering your home to create more space. Packing boxes should be the most simple of tasks. However, it can be disastrous if you do it the wrong way.
Here are five top tips on packing boxes the right way and another five you should avoid like the plague.


1. Use sturdy boxes. Fill the box to the brim and seal the lid. That way, you can easily stack boxes on top of one another.

2. Tape the bottom of the box securely so that it doesn’t give way.

3. Use bubble wrap or newspaper when packing fragile items. Clean paper can be purchased cheaply from moving supply stores.

4. Boxes should be marked “Fragile” and “This side up” to prevent mishandling.

5. Pack a separate box of essentials you may need for the first night at your new house. Include items like toiletries, toilet paper, bottled water, snacks and a change of clothes in case you cannot unpack everything in time.


1. Never fill a box until it is so heavy that you can’t lift it safely. Spread the heavy items over a few boxes.

2. When it comes to packing your goods in a self storage unit, do not pack the heavy items on top. They could cause damage to the boxes and their contents, below

3. Never pack those items you might need first under those that you know will remain in storage for a long time.

4. Remember that the newsprint on newspapers can smudge and mark items so be careful what you wrap in your old copies of The Times or Telegraph.

5. Do not use boxes that have been previously stored in damp areas. They will buckle and break.

If you have any other tips on packing boxes or have learnt by your mistakes, let us know by posting a comment below. If you want to ask any questions about packing boxes, which boxes to use or the possibility of storing your belongings in a secure self storage unit, why not contact us or look us up on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

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