How to pack your self storage unit

General Storage | 14.10.13

Once you have chosen the option of using a self storage container or unit, your next task is to identify exactly what you want to store. Then, when you have de-cluttered your home, garage or shed, you should set about packing your belongings properly and labelling them clearly. After all, when it comes to finding your goods, six months down the line, you don’t want to empty the unit and find yourself back to square one.

Here are SIX top tips to making self storage the right option for you.

1. Clear the Clutter from the Storage

It’s amazing what we think we need to store. Once you’ve gathered all the items that need to be packed, go through them again and weed out any items that can be thrown away, given away, or actually used. Don’t be afraid to get rid of unnecessary items in order to have room for the stuff you really need to store. You might find this post on de-cluttering useful.

2. Create a Packing List

Even with a label, it’s a good idea to make a more detailed packing list for your storage containers. Right brief descriptions on a list and put copies at home, in the box itself and in your files. These lists are helpful not only when you need something out of the box, but also for insurance purposes. Don’t forget to update your packing lists if you put additional things in or take things out of storage.

3. Storage preparation

Before storing your items in the unit, place some plastic sheeting or cardboard on the floor for cleanliness. This will also help in sliding boxes and furniture along the floor.

4. Packing the Container

Packing your self storage container carefully will allow you to prevent damage, and maximize your space. Don’t be afraid to pack a smaller container inside a larger box if it will help consolidate and sort smaller items. When arranging boxes and items in the storage unit, place those items you want to get to often close to the entrance. Put valuable items like computers, electronic equipment and power tools in the back of the unit. Leave an aisle for walking and label each box with a description of what’s inside.

5. Breakable Items

When packing delicate and breakable items, wrap them in newspaper or bubble wrap and place them inside furniture drawers rather than boxes. Do this for any item you don’t want broken or pieces missing, including toys, small objects and items that may get crushed in boxes. Pack clothes or pieces of newspaper around the edges of the furniture drawers so items won’t shift while traveling.

6. Outdoor Equipment

When placing outdoor equipment in the storage unit, put it to one side and drain any fluids from mowers, weed cutters or other machines. Don’t store paint, chemicals or other combustible items. Store lawn tools in a dustbin and avoid putting items in bin bags. Tie spades, forks, hoes and clippers together. If you’re not sure about storing anything, ask your storage provider.

If you need some advice on packing your self storage unit, contact us at Space Centre Self Storage. We will advise you on size, cost and preparation and answer any questions you have.

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