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General Storage | 15.11.12

Have you ever thought how you could maximise the space in your storage unit and ensure ease of access? Once you have taken the step of contacting a storage centre in the right location for you, it’s time to consider what size unit you require.

Don’t always think big. It simply doesn’t make sense to have a giant unit in which just a few small boxes and bags are rattling around in one corner. It’s a waste of money. The key is getting the size right and to maximise the space in your storage unit by loading the unit properly.
Here are three top tips on how you can maximise the space in your storage unit and ensure ease of access.

Only rent as much space as you need

At the outset, don’t get talked into renting a bigger unit than you require. Only rent as much space as you need. and then, try to maximise the space in the unit you have chosen. Here at the Space Centre Self Storage in North Bristol and Gloucestershire our storage units come in a variety of different sizes ranging from small student lockers to large 200 square foot containers. We are flexible with our storage terms and depending upon availability,  allow our customers to change storage unit size when necessary. That way the customer can maximise the space in their unit.

Organise your storage unit properly

Using boxes of the same size will be easier to stack and allow you to use the full height of the storage unit. Remember to label each box with the contents so you can keep track of what’s inside. Make sure that each box is relatively full to prevent it becoming squashed if something heavy is put on top of it. Stack the boxes level to your height and finally, try to keep a small pathway from the front of the unit to the back. If you need an item in the back, you can get to it without much hassle.

Reduce your packaging costs

Ultimately, we are all looking to save cost, so while the right size of unit is essential in terms of our financial outlay, so is the method we use to pack our goods. Boxes and bubble wrap can be expensive to buy and after all, they all seem to end up in the rubbish once you have moved out of your storage unit. Supermarkets often give away old boxes for free, so start collecting and packing up a few boxes as soon as you can. You can always ask as the storage centre whether there are any deals on sell packaging materials.
If you are looking for storage space in the North Bristol and Gloucestershire area, why not contact us via the website and we will guide you in the right direction and towards the best possible deal.
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Not sure how much space you will need?

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