Looking after your garden tools

General Storage | 08.03.13

We all want a nice garden, but how many people understand the importance of taking proper care of our garden tools so they continue to perform at their peak. This holds true for all our garden implements which are probably the most neglected of all tools.

We use them, abuse them, and put them away dirty and wet, only to see them rust and lose their effectiveness over time. But with proper maintenance and a little time spent, your garden tools can last and be effective for many years to come.

The best advice is to simply put them away after you use them. That could be in your shed, garage or a secure unit. Whatever happens do not leave them outside. Not only will proper storage keep unnecessary moisture away from your tools, it will also protect valuable tools from theft. Even when rain is not in your forecast, tools left outside are exposed to moisture from wet grass and dew.

When storing your tools, keep them off the ground so they’re not exposed to moisture on your garage or shed floor. Hanging racks are a convenient way to hang several long-handled tools in one small area. They also help prevent damage to sharpened edges. For smaller tools, try using a pegboard system to hang your tools. Not only will it keep your tools off the ground, but it will help you with good tool organization. If each tool has a space, it’s more likely that the tool will get put away after use.

While proper storing, cleaning and drying are important to the condition of your garden tools, it’s still important to prevent rust. The most effective way to prevent rust is to provide some type of protective coating to the surface. Given the high cost of quality garden tools, it’s important to take this step to ensure many productive hours in the garden.

With a little effort and time your garden tools will be in tip-top shape for years to come. Even tools that have been neglected can be nursed back into shape. Proper storage, cleaning and drying, general maintenance, and sharpening will result in more effective tools and more productive time in the garden.

Here at Space Centre Self Storage we can provide excellent storage for your tools in damp free, secure units at an affordable price. There is no need to clutter your shed or garage or if it’s your business, risk leaving them overnight in your van.

Director Lucinda Dangerfield said; “We have been home for several gardeners and gardening businesses in the past and we currently rent out units to Stroud based gardeners ‘Grow 4 it’.

“Our units are perfect for what is required. They keep the tools dry and secure with easy access.”

Have you got any tips for keeping garden tools spick and span?  Maybe you’ve got an old family trick for cleaning something up or getting rid of rust.  Share them with our readers in the comments box.

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