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General Storage | 05.05.11

When placing any of your belongings into storage, it is important to find out whether they are covered by insurance whilst inside the unit. Here at Space Centre Self Storage, we offer free insurance on items up to the value of £3000 as we work on the basis that if you believe your goods are worth storing then they are certainly worth insuring. With varying sized units offering self storage Tewkesbury, you can feel confident that whatever you store away is fully protected at all times.

For both domestic and commercial circumstances, a self storage unit can be an invaluable location to hold items, paperwork and belongings in the case of there being no available space at your premises. Safe in the knowledge that all of your property is fully insured whilst on our site, the option is always there for you to add more items to your unit as and when you deem it necessary.

In addition to our compulsory insurance policy, we can also arrange for extra storage insurance to be taken out if your belongings exceed the £3000 set amount. Similarly to purchasing car or home insurance, accidents can occur at any time so it is always worth investing in a policy to protect your assets and finances should the worst case scenario happen.

As proud members of the Self Storage Association (SSA) we can be trusted to provide the most secure, competitively priced storage options on the market. All storage units are fitted with a high security padlock to which only you have the key, making it fully secure as it is only accessible by the key holder and nobody else.

This heightened level of security alongside the full insurance available to you makes our units for self storage Tewkesbury the easy decision when considering where to temporarily hold belongings. For further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a friendly member of the team here at Space Centre Self Storage either via phone or by filling out our short online contact form.

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