Holiday Storage: Eggcellent Storage Solutions For Easter

Secure Storage | 06.04.23

As the Easter weekend approaches, many people are planning to go away for an extended break, whether it’s to visit family or to enjoy a well-deserved holiday. But before you set off on your next adventure, it’s important to think about what to do with your belongings while you’re away. Whether you’re leaving your home or renting it out on Airbnb or HomeExchange, you need to ensure that your valuables are stored safely and securely. Find out more about some of the best holiday storage solutions to help you keep your belongings protected while you’re away.

Holiday Storage: Why You Should Consider Storing Valuables While You Travel

Even if you are only going on holiday for a few weeks, storing your items away securely is a must. Not only will it help keep safe and secure while you’re away, but it also means that you won’t have to worry about lugging all your belongings around with you and finding space in your suitcase for them.

Items that you may want to consider placing in holiday storage include:

  • Jewellery
  • Cameras and equipment
  • Valuable electronics
  • Family heirlooms
  • Sentimental items such as china or glassware
  • Irreplaceable family photographs
  • Important personal documents

Besides the risk of theft from a break-in, your home could be damaged by a fire or flood while you are away on holiday. Placing your precious belongings in holiday storage will give you peace of mind that in the event of a theft, fire, or flood, your prized and irreplaceable possessions are safe.

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Tips to Keep Your Home Safe When You Go On Holiday

Leaving your home for an extended period of time can be nerve-wracking, especially when it comes to the safety of your property. Here are some tips for keeping your home safe while you’re away:

  • Secure all doors and windows: Make sure all doors and windows are locked and secure before leaving your home. Consider installing deadbolts or other security measures for added protection.
  • Use timers for lights and electronics: Setting timers for your lights and electronics can make it appear as though someone is still home, deterring potential burglars. You can also use smart home technology to control your lights remotely.
  • Halt all post deliveries: A pile of newspapers, envelopes and fliers can indicate that nobody is home. Contact your post office and ask them to keep your post while you’re away or ask a neighbour to collect it for you daily.
  • Ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye out: Inform a trusted neighbour that you will be away and ask them to keep an eye on your property. They can alert you or the authorities if anything suspicious occurs.
  • Don’t advertise your absence on social media: Refrain from posting about your travel plans or absence on social media, as this can alert potential burglars that your home is empty.
  • Consider a security system: A security system can provide added protection for your home while you’re away. Look for a system with features like motion sensors and remote access.

Holiday Storage: Keeping Your Belongings Safe When Offering Accommodation

Private Room Rentals

If you plan to rent out a room in your home to travellers, you may want to consider storing personal items in a locked cupboard or in the garage while you have a visitor to ensure sentimental items remain safe. Depending on the number of items you need to store and their value, you may want to consider a holiday storage unit to prevent unnecessary clutter in your home and garage while ensuring your items are safe and secure.

Holiday Storage When Renting Out Your Entire Home

if you plan to rent out your entire home, whether as an investment property or your primary residence, you will need to decide whether you are comfortable with guests using your furniture, bedding, gym equipment, or any valuable items, such as antique crockery passed down from your grandmother. In such cases, it may be wise to consider renting a secure self storage unit near the property to keep your belongings safe and secure.

Renting Your Home On Airbnb: Tips for Preparing Your Space and Keeping Your Belongings Safe

If you’re considering renting out your home on Airbnb, you may need to clear out some space to accommodate your guests. Self storage units can be a great solution for keeping your belongings safe while opening up your home to renters.

Here are some tips for preparing your space and keeping your belongings secure:

1. Clear out clutter

Before renting out your home, you’ll want to make sure it’s clean and clutter-free. Consider using a self storage unit to store items that you don’t need on a daily basis, such as seasonal clothing, extra furniture, and sentimental items that you want to keep but don’t have space for.

2. Secure valuables

Make sure to keep any valuables or sensitive documents out of sight and locked away in a safe or secure storage unit. This includes jewellery, electronics, passports, and important paperwork.

3. Remove personal items

While it’s important to make your guests feel at home, you’ll want to remove any personal items that could make them feel like they’re invading your space. This includes family photos, toiletries, and clothing.

4. Create storage space for guests

Make sure your guests have enough space to store their belongings while they’re staying in your home. This could mean clearing out a closet or chest of drawers or providing additional storage options like under-bed storage or luggage racks.

5. Use a trusted storage provider

When renting a holiday storage unit, it’s important to use a provider that you trust. Look for a provider that offers security features like gated access, video surveillance, and individual unit alarms.

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Holiday Storage with Space Centre

If you are planning to go away for the Easter weekend, travelling abroad for work or renting out your home on Airbnb, don’t risk leaving your belongings at home or in the garage. Space Centre Self Storage offers safe, secure, and affordable holiday storage that will allow you to enjoy your holiday without worrying about your valuables.

We offer short term and long term holiday storage solutions which includes free insurance up to £3000. No long contracts or hidden costs. Choose from one of our conveniently located and secure facilities in Bristol, Stroud, Gloucester, and Stonehouse.

If you need short-term holiday storage options, please contact us for more information. We offer a wide range of flexible and secure solutions, and our friendly and experienced staff are always willing to assist you in any way they can. Have a great Easter weekend!

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