Exhibition Storage: Protect Your Marketing Collateral

Equipment storage | 13.01.23

Now that in-person events are back in full swing after the pandemic, it’s time to start thinking about where you will store your marketing collateral in between exhibitions and conferences. If you don’t have sufficient storage at home or in your office, exhibition storage provides a convenient and cost-effective solution to all your storage needs.

Exhibition stands and other equipment, such as tables, chairs, modular stands, banners, and television sets for displaying videos, are costly and must be stored correctly to ensure that all parts of the setup remain intact and free from damage. In this blog post, we will share the benefits of exhibition storage as well as some tips on how to store your marketing collateral to avoid damage.

5 Benefits of Exhibition Storage for Your Business

1. Effective storage helps protect your equipment from damage

Exhibitions are an invaluable form of marketing, allowing you to communicate with your target audience directly. But it also comes with the challenge of transporting, storing and protecting all of your marketing materials. Exhibition storage provides a safe and convenient way to store your marketing collateral, ensuring you are always ready for your next event.

Space Centre’s exhibition storage units are secure, giving you peace of mind that your valuable marketing assets are safe. Our storage units are clean, dry and climate controlled, so you don’t have to worry about extreme temperatures or water damaging your marketing materials.

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2. You’re always ready for your next event

Setting up and breaking down exhibition stands can be a relatively straightforward process, depending on the design. For convenient transport and storage, consider opting for drive-up access exhibition storage units; they make loading quick and easy, especially when you’re in a rush.

To ensure you’re adequately equipped for your next event, it’s essential to pack your unit carefully. Place your banners and items back in their carrier bag and store small parts, such as screws and bolts, in marked bags that can easily be found when you need them. Showing up unprepared to an event is never ideal, so keeping these steps in mind will help you avoid any last-minute scrambling at the venue.

Having seasonal items such as exhibition equipment in the office can be risky. If you are like most business owners, you don’t have space at the office to store large banners and marketing materials. Even if you have warehouse space available, it may not always provide secure shelter for costly exhibition materials. Stacking and packing these materials into an area meant only for bulk distribution could cause extensive damage to expensive marketing items.

3. Self storage is secure and safe

Exhibition storage at a self storage facility provides the perfect solution for both businesses and individuals wanting to store their marketing equipment safely. It offers a secure environment to protect exhibition materials, promotional items, trade show items, point-of-sale displays and more. Self storage facilities are typically alarmed and have CCTV footage, providing an added layer of protection for your marketing equipment.

Marketing stands and banners are expensive, so even if you have one stand or twenty, you must ensure they are stored safely and securely. Space Centre Self Storage boasts 24/7 surveillance and security, and seeing as you will be the only person with a key to your storage unit, you can rest assured that only you have access to your belongings at all times.

Your safety is our top priority, and all our exhibition storage units are thoroughly cleaned, dry and moisture-free. Our team of experienced professionals will provide you with the best service possible to ensure that you find the perfect unit for your needs.

4. Exhibition storage: Cost-effective, easily accessible and convenient

Exhibition storage units have become an increasingly popular way to store items that users need, either temporarily or long-term. They provide a cost-effective option for those wanting to find extra space without breaking the bank.¬†Whether you attend exhibitions on a regular basis or only occasionally, long-term storage is most likely something that your business needs. Space Centre Self Storage offers flexible terms, so we won’t tie you into a lengthy contract, and you can cancel anytime.

5. Self storage: More than just exhibition storage

If you’re searching for storage space for your exhibition and marketing materials, our business self storage units are the perfect fit. Not only can it accommodate banners and stands, but it’s also a great place to store sensitive documents. Free up extra space in your office by utilising any leftover floor space to archive paperwork or even keep seasonal merchandise until you need it again.

Just remember to pack your exhibition items near the front of your exhibition storage unit, so you aren’t climbing over boxes and stock items to find them. You can always upsize your unit to accommodate more items if you need more space than you initially thought.

Need advice on how to pack your self storage unit to maximise the space and keep things organised? Please read our blog for some expert advice: Top Tips For Packing Your Self Storage Unit.

Why Choose Space Centre for Your Exhibition Storage?

If you’re in need of a reliable exhibition storage solution and are short on office space, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We have facilities across Stroud, North Bristol, Stonehouse, Gloucester and Cheltenham, so feel free to come by for a tour or take our virtual tour!

Our knowledgeable staff are happy to assist you in selecting the ideal exhibition storage unit to meet your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for expert advice and assistance in finding the right fit for your unique needs.

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