The essential moving house checklist

Checklists | 19.11.14

Moving house can be the most stressful time of your life.

Estate agents, solicitors, searches, deposits and removal companies are all words that we dread when it comes to moving house.

The process can be never ending and by the time you pick up the keys, your head is befuddled.

So, remember, before the final push, make a final check-list of those useful items that you could need on the big day.

Here are 10 useful items that will make moving house more enjoyable

1. By the time you’ve arrived at your new home, you are sure to be tired and hungry. Make sure you have plenty of milk, tea, coffee and small snacks to keep you going whilst you unload and sort out what goes where.

2. Most people will fancy a bag of chips from the local fish shop. However, if you fancy a Pot Noodle, soup or a salad, don’t forget to keep enough cutlery to one side.

3. The actual process of moving in, can drag on. You might have started at 8 in the morning, but by 9 at night, you are still only just settling in. The unpacking can wait until the next morning. However, you will need a good night’s sleep. Make sure your bedding is accessible. The last thing you want when you are tired is to spend an hour searching for a duvet and pillow cover.

4. Keep an essential toilet bag to hand so you can wash and clean your teeth before bed. Just a few items to see you through until the following morning.

5. Money. You might have spent most of your savings on moving house, but it’s always a good idea to keep some of what’s left, for the day of the move. Remember, you might want to tip your removal or go to the local convenience store to buy one or two small items.

6. A small tool kit is an essential item on the day. Screwdriver, tape measure, hammer and pliers will always come in useful.

7. Always take a pen and paper when moving house. You will need to take the gas and electricity meter readings to avoid any discrepancies down the line.

8. Lifting heavy objects and sharp instruments can be a hazard. Carry a small first aid kit with you. Paracetamol will come in handy if you have a headache and plasters will also help you if you nick a finger or thumb whilst unpacking.

9. If you have pets, don’t forget that on arrival, he, she or they will need feeding. Put a small bag of food and or a can of meat in a plastic bag ready to feed them. Moving house is as stressful for a pet as it is for you. The Blue Cross have some great advice on their site.

10. Finally. To celebrate moving house – make sure that in the back of your car you have a bottle of your favourite wine. However, don’t forget the corkscrew! What could be worse than sitting down with a couple of glasses and finding out that your corkscrew is packed at the bottom of a box. Put a pocket corkscrew in your handbag or car.

Here at Space Centre Self Storage we help many people when it comes to moving house. We can supply your packing boxes, bubble wrap and tape or help with storage solutions if there is a gap between selling your house and moving in to your new home. ,

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