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General Storage | 17.02.14

Storage is an essential tool when de-cluttering, downsizing, moving home, empty nesting or, if you are a student, planning a gap year. In order to make decisions that you will feel comfortable with today and in the future, it is necessary to find a location where you can keep things secure and contained. It is equally important to find the correct size of unit to suit your needs. Here are seven different types of storage.

1. Temporary On Site Storage

Temporary storage systems erected on your property will help to make the de-cluttering process a great deal smoother. Make better decisions while you meticulously go through the items in your home – distributing, donating, eliminating and finally storing each item as its purpose and value dictate. Use on site storage to tuck away items that you wish to keep or are unsure of. Getting those items out of the space will allow you more room to focus on other things involved in the process.

2. Off Site Self Storage

Combining self-storage units with downsizing makes financial sense. You will undoubtedly be saving money on reduced living expenses in a smaller home. A portion of those savings can be invested in self-storage, allowing you to retain some of the items you value most

3. Car Storage

Are you going on a long vacation or do you just need a secure place to store an old or vintage vehicle? Many self-storage sites will offer covered and uncovered parking spaces for car storage as well as units large enough to store a car along with your belongings for extra security.

4. Wine Storage

Is your cellar too small or is your property cellar-less? If that’s the case and you are beginning to build up a ‘wine mountain’ why not thumb the Yellow Pages to find a storage centre that offers custom insulated, climate-controlled wine storage space. You can store your valued wines in the knowledge that they will be safe and protected from the elements.

5. Boat Storage

When the summer gives way to autumn and the thought of boasting in the wind and rain has given way to weekends in the house, you will need to think about storing your boat until Spring. Leaving it on the water can be costly and dangerous (in high winds) whilst keeping it at home on a trailer in the drive will mean your beloved craft is constantly exposed to the elements. Choosing a suitable self-storage unit will provide all the protection you require and also, a space in which you can safely and securely clean and fix any little problems on your vessel, whilst the wind and rain continues outside.

6. Indoor Units

Indoor units are good storage solution for customers who are looking for an affordable unit that will be shielded from the elements. You can opt for a small unit to store your tools or those documents you simply can’t dispense with. Otherwise you could secure the use of a larger unit in which you can house your growing collection of antiques, antique furniture or valuables.

7. Outdoor Units

Outdoor drive-up units are perfect for customers who need to visit their self-storage unit on a frequent basis to drop-off items or collect items for delivery or packaging. That could be anything from a collection of items for ebay or the tools of your trade.

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