De-cluttering an empty nest

General Storage | 06.11.12

After years of tidying their rooms for them and requesting a bit of order, suddenly the kids fly the nest. It is time for a spot of De-cluttering.

Off to college they go, leaving behind them cupboards, drawers and wardrobes full of clutter. Actually, there is no such thing as an empty nest. The fledglings may scatter to the outer reaches of the forest but they leave their debris behind.

Having bid your fond farewells – or at least until they return home with a bag of washing – you can be sure that whilst one room is full of bags and objects of alleged ‘sentimental value’ another is piled high with crates of comics that have, supposedly, the potential to become collectors’ items.

Look a little further and you will find a collection of rare second-hand vinyls, a guitar with broken strings, and a snooker table in the back bedroom. Downstairs, there are two full book cases, a cabinet of CD’s, a rocking chair, a dozen pairs of shoes and a pogo stick that dates back to the mid-nineties.

Having threatened for years to have a clear-out, it’s time for a spot of De-cluttering.

Where to start?

What was considered fit for posterity can be placed in purpose built crates and boxes and sent up the loft-ladder into the attic. Or maybe, if you are short on space at the top of the house, why not contact your local self storage centre. You could store a number of boxes, crates and larger objects to avoid further clutter in a different part of your property. Realising all the time that one person’s junk is another person’s treasure, De-cluttering must be undertaken with a little feeling for the fledglings.

Of course, some of the contents of the wardrobes can be sent to Oxfam and other charity shops while other garments can be sold on ebay.

A car boot sale would account for one or two of the more recent purchases, but the rest will be carefully sifted and placed into bags marked ‘The Tip’.

After a day’s hard work, it’s time to relax – after all, there is no hurry, no desperate need to clear the lot in one fell swoop. Organisation is the key. Making a plan is crucial. De-cluttering takes time.

So, having taken your time and treated with respect the clutter that your kids call ‘valuable belongings’, the job will be complete and the house free of dust and debris. A lovely feeling and everyone is happy.

De-cluttering has a place in everyone’s lives. If you live in the Bristol or Gloucestershire area and need items to go into short or long-term storage,  why not contact us at Space Centre Self Storage.

We have storage to suit your every need. Why not tell us about your experience of De-cluttering or provide a few tips that might be of help to anyone considering a serious tidy up? Add your comments below.

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