How cheap self storage can turn out to be expensive

Cheap Storage | 24.02.17

We all like a good bargain from time to time and can sometimes get quite excited when we see something we want at a surprisingly low price. Sometimes we get lucky but often there’s some sort of problem or catch. When it comes to self storage, there’s not necessarily always a catch; often it’s just an omission of some of the finer details in those ‘cheap self storage’ ads.

Offer adverts are often the same. Various offers scream out from the headlines; 8 weeks for the price of 4 or 50% off for the first 6 weeks are common examples. But often they don’t reveal the potential for costs to be incurred if you change your mind part way through an offer period or exactly what’s included.

We’ve been in the self storage business for more than 20 years and can honestly say that a large number of people end up holding on to their unit for a little longer than they originally thought they would need. This is especially true when self storage is helping during a house move, build or renovation. Knowing what the standard ongoing cost is going to be is essential at a time when finances are already likely to be strained.

So what should you look out for to avoid falling into the cheap self storage trap that could ultimately cost you more?

If going for an advertised offer like those above always check exactly what’s included and whether there are any penalties before you sign. Don’t be afraid to ask what may sound like silly questions, they may well save you money and heartache further down the line.

What is included in the advertised price?
Is there insurance cover included? If not, you may well need to take out an additional insurance policy. Not all standard home contents insurance will cover your goods while in transit or storage; always check with your insurer.

How long do I have to sign up for?
Half price or free offers sound great, especially if you think you’ll only need a unit for the number of weeks quoted on the offer. However, if the small print states there is a minimum time period you have to take, which is in excess of that offer period just how much more is it going to cost?

Are there cancellation costs?
What if decide you don’t need the unit for as long as you originally thought? Will you be charged for cancelling early?

Are there fees if I need to change my unit size?
A key message here is to make sure you accurately estimate the size of unit you need. A good centre will help and advise you based on the items you want to store. Here at Space Centre Self Storage we do not charge if you need to move to a different sized unit; some centres do.

Is there a deposit to pay?
Again, we do not charge a security deposit, but some self storage centres do. If there is a charge, make sure you understand the terms under which your deposit will be returned.

Access charges
Are there any? Some centres have core opening hours and you may not be able to access your unit outside of those hours. Others will allow access for a fee.

Finally, if you’ve checked everything out and are happy with the terms and price of your offer, check on the condition and security of your unit and the centre itself. If you have a great price but the unit is not clean, dry and damp free, you may well find yourself having to pay to replace items due to damage.

Space Centre Self Storage have self storage centres in Bristol, Gloucester and Stroud. Our units are clean, dry and damp free and our centres have 24 hour CCTV and alarms. All units come with free insurance up to a value of £3000.

We offer quality storage at an affordable price with a flexible and hassle free approach. Our clear pricing policy enables our customers to know the full costs of their storage and we don’t increase our prices once people have moved in. We do not tie people in to long contracts meaning you can store for as long as you need to and can change unit size without penalty when your needs change.’

Not sure how much space you will need?

If you would like to talk to a member of staff about your requirements contact your local branch.

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