Top 10 uses of self storage

General Storage | 09.09.13

Are you running out of space at home? Do you break your heart when a lack of room means opening the bin and throwing away that long-time possession or is the shed packed to the gunnels with garden furniture? If you recognise any of the above, you will almost certainly need to find some extra storage space.

A nearby lock up garage tends to be an expensive option, whilst relying on friends and family to help you out, can often be an uncomfortable experience.

Have you ever thought of using self storage? It’s a safe, secure, damp-free option that will provide you with short, medium or long term peace of mind. You can de-clutter your property, pack up your belongings and transport them to your nearest self storage centre.

What could be easier? Simply load up the car with the retired pushchair, an African sculpture you never found room for, old letters, bin bags full of clothes, Betamax tapes, your cherished back issues of National Geographic or, maybe, your garden furniture or tools that continue to clutter your garage. Not only have you now created space at home, but you have a perfectly sound and secure place in which to treasure your belongings.

Lucinda Dangerfield, co owner of Space Centre self storage, who have sites in the North Bristol and Gloucestershire areas of south west England, said; “We help people in all sorts of ways. Once we have provided a unit to suit their needs, we provide information and assistance in terms of packing and then provide the customer with the unit’s single key so they can come and go when they please.

I have created my own list of the top 10 items that people use self storage for.”

Garden Furniture

We all need to protect our garden furniture through the long, hard winters. If you expose it to the elements of cold and damp, then next summer, you might have to replace it. Storage will keep it dry, safe and away from the damp mornings.


These are always a favourite. We all have them and we all run out of space in which to store them.

Books and CDs

This one counts as 2 from the list! A small unit is ideal. Create an inventory for your prized possessions, wrap them carefully and store them safely. My attic was always full of Books and CD’s that I never read or played but would never get rid of. If you box them up in proper storage containers and use a small unit, you can keep them in good condition. One day you might decide on bringing them home or placing them on ebay.


Many, many people use ebay as a way of de-cluttering their property. Others use it as a means of generating business. If you’ve got a room full of goods that you want to place on ebay over time, why not opt for self storage rather than clutter a bedroom. It will free up space and you can come and go and collect whenever you want.

Sofas, Beds and Furniture

We all fancy a bit of a makeover, every now and again. Well, so does our furniture. You might have planned a spot of re-upholstery in the future with a view to selling on. So, once you have shipped in your new three-piece suite, you will need somewhere to store the old sofa and chairs before you embark on your next project.


Most of us have seen stories on the news or in the local paper about the workman whose Tools have been taken from the back of his van. Yes, it’s a risk to leave them there if your car or van is parked on an open road or even in your drive. Why not take an accessible unit in which you can store the tools overnight and then pick them up the following morning on your way to work?


Finally, your house might be full of old clothes that your children have grown out of. Maybe you are planning to have another child or know someone who is. If so, it’s a good idea to bag up the clothes and store them in readiness. No problems about damp or mould and you can fetch and deliver them whenever you want.

If you have any questions or want to find out what you can and can’t store in a self storage unit, why not contact us at Space Centre Self Storage.

Have you used or are you still using self storage? Let us know how you use it and if you’ve got any tips to share with our readers, we’re sure they’d love to hear them.

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