Using self-storage to limit flood damage

Secure Storage | 20.01.14

If you were a victim of the recent flooding that left so many people temporarily homeless and quite literally counting the cost of the worst storms for many years, do you harbour genuine fears that you might suffer flood damage again?

If so, would you or could you do anything differently to counter the possible catastrophic flood damage that such storms can cause?

Of course, there are times when the storm arrives almost unannounced and as a result, leaves us totally helpless. However, if the forecasters are predicting a potentially fierce spell that could replicate the level of destruction that we saw in so many of our coastal towns and riverside communities this winter, maybe it’s time to consider the option of self-storage.

Whether you are simply looking to de-clutter your home or office, find a storage base during the winter for your garden tools or a safe, damp-free space for your belongings whilst the storm threatens your property, self-storage is a cheap, short-term, worry-free option. What could be more straightforward?

When the alarm bell sounds and there is a danger of flood damage, pack up your belongings and transport them to a self-storage centre near to you. It’s unlikely that the storm will damage anything on the first floor or above, so concentrate on those items in your basement or ground floor. Maybe a three-piece suite, electrical goods, like stereos systems, microwaves and televisions and any valuable pieces of furniture that you are able to move without causing damage to yourself.

Lucinda Dangerfield, director of Space Centre Self Storage said; “We have always urged people to come and speak with us and discuss the option of self-storage during times of possible flood damage.

“We don’t insist on long-term contracts and we have many units of all shapes and sizes. If a family needs to transfer their ground floor furniture to one of our sites in the North Bristol or Gloucestershire area, they can do so in the knowledge that it will be stored in a secure, damp free unit until the difficult times are over.”

Why not give us a call for peace of mind. You could familiarise yourself on how to go about hiring a unit, of any size, if and when you need it. If you have used a self-storage unit during the recent floods, let us know how you got on by posting a comment below or on our Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages.You can get to us via the website too. 

Let us know, also, what your experience of flooding has been and if you used the self-storage option.

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