Storing Garden Furniture For Winter

Furniture Storage | 11.10.18

Winter is well and truly on the way and judging from last year, we can expect a quick change in weather. If you haven’t already, now is a good time for storing garden furniture and toys in the garage, shed or self storage. Before long, everything is covered in ice and snow; not the best time to clean and pack your outdoor furniture. You’ll want to get it all inside if possible but do you have enough space? What if you bought new furniture this year?

Storing garden furniture correctly is essential to keep everything in good condition for next season. This is not only important for homeowners, what about small café or restaurants with outside seating? At some point, the weather will deteriorate where nobody sits outside. If you don’t have enough space at home or your business premises, perhaps you should consider a self storage unit.

Cleaning, Treating And Storing Garden Furniture

Always clean your garden furniture and cushions before storing them and make sure everything is completely dry. At the end of the day, you don’t want to store dirty or broken things as it defeats the purpose. The way you clean and repair your furniture will depend on whether it’s wooden, plastic or metal.

Wooden Furniture

Different types of wood require different treatment methods. Oak, for example, is more resilient than teak and generally doesn’t need oiling, but they all need cleaning. Use a brush and soapy water to clean the wood while removing all food remnants, dirt and bird droppings.

Although teak can survive without oiling, if you want to maintain the original colour, we recommend applying a teak protector. Make sure the wood is bone dry before applying any protective coating. Softer wood like pine doesn’t need regular treatment with a preservative.

Metal furniture

Although metal is seemingly a durable material, it is not indestructible. The paint or plastic covering may have started to peel which needs some attention. Firstly, wipe it down to remove any loose material or flakes of paint. You may need to use a wire brush to remove any rust spots that have formed. Treat the areas with a rust preventing paint or covering and don’t forget to oil any moving joints.

Rattan Furniture

Storing furniture is not a simple task especially if it requires a clean and dry space. Rattan furniture is one such example and has become increasingly popular with the best way to store it being indoors. If you really can’t, you should clean and dry it thoroughly before covering.

Plastic Garden Furniture

While plastic garden furniture is pretty strong, it can become brittle over time. Check for cracks or splits in the backs and seat struts before storing. In addition, remember to wash it with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly before storing furniture.

Storing garden furniture outside is not always ideal but when you do, keep it on gravel or concrete. Leaving it on grass will mean the feet are permanently wet and far more susceptible to damage and rot. If you have to leave your furniture on grass, be sure to treat the legs and feet with a good protective substance. Also remember to use good quality covers and make sure they are the right size.

Tips For Storing Furniture

Without sounding too obvious, you need to store furniture carefully to avoid damage. Plastic chairs generally stack easily but many wooden ones don’t. If you’re using self storage, make sure you know the dimensions of your unit. This will help maximise capacity and save on cost as you won’t have to pay for space you don’t need. When considering the cost, it’s not just the rental price you have to think about, there are other costs that could be incurred as well.

Always remember the basics and that involves keeping your storage unit clean, dry and dust free. When storing furniture, cover with plastic sheets and don’t forget to cover the floor as well. It will protect both from dust and damage while making it easier to move heavy items.

If you have furniture that you can take apart and re-assemble, keep the nuts, bolts and screws with the right furniture. You could use a Ziploc bag and strap it to the furniture or place it inside locked drawers or cupboards.

Always pack big, heavy items at the bottom with lighter, smaller ones on top. Make sure the top Items are stable and securely fastened using cable ties, soft rope or plastic wrap. For added protection, place foam underneath to protect the surfaces. Use extra padding on the bottom when storing furniture on top of one another to avoid damaging the fabric.

If leaving your furniture outdoors, each table or stack of chairs should have their own covers. When storing furniture indoors, don’t just pile everything on top of one another. You don’t want to remove it next season only to find that it’s covered in scratches, scrapes and damage.

How To Store Outdoor Toys

Contrary to what some may believe, there is only one way to correctly store outdoor toys. Give each toy a place and using tubs or buckets can make it as easy as possible for the kids without too much fuss (hopefully).

Here are some of our favourite toy storage ideas:

  • Store tennis rackets, cricket bats and skipping ropes in the garage using hooks and shelves
  • Use clear plastic boxes with sealable lids so the kids can see what’s inside. This way you avoid them throwing everything out just to find one toy
  • Buckets are great for storing games, balls and especially water toys. If you’re storing a bucket or box outside, drill a few holes to allow water to drain through the bottom
  • Multi-purpose furniture like a garden bench often has a storage box large enough for a few extra things

Storing Garden Furniture In Self Storage

Renting a self storage unit is the safest and easiest way for storing furniture. Many facilities are used to people storing garden furniture and will be able to provide you with expert storage advice. Just remember to always make sure that you check the minimum contract term.

At Space Centre Self Storage, we don’t tie people to long-term contracts and we’re happy to provide temporary storage. We also have drive-up access which is ideal for getting your furniture in and out. Please get in touch or leave your comments below if you have more great ideas for storing outdoor furniture and toys.

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