Self Storage can help with your Spring clean

Secure Storage | 18.03.17

The daffodils are out, the sun is trying to get through and the clocks go forward next weekend. So, it’s about now when we all turn our thoughts to the Spring clean. A bit of decorating, some gardening, or just a clear out of all those overfull cupboards – they are all things we promise ourselves we’ll do once the days start getting a little longer. But, it’s still a little chilly so whilst we all have good intentions, it can be a little difficult to motivate yourself to make a start.

Unless you have a pressing need to clear everything out in one go (like a house move) it’s important to do things in manageable chunks. It’s all too easy to empty drawers and cupboards only to be so overwhelmed by the volume of things to sort through that it all goes back exactly where it came from!

Here are a few tips to help

  1. Make your goal achievable. Do one room at a time and if necessary, make each task even smaller by clearing out one cupboard at a time within each room.
  2. Be strict with yourself. If you find things you haven’t used or worn in years, don’t be tempted to put it back ‘just in case’. Move it on to another home where it can be used.
  3. Once you decide to keep something, give it a proper home, especially if it’s come out of one of those ‘put it here for now and we’ll sort it out later’ cupboards
  4. If it’s something that you’ll use regularly, move it to a place that’s easily accessible. If you’re thinking you ‘might’ use it so are tempted to put it back – I refer you to point 2 above!

There are lots of charities that can make use of items in good condition that you no longer need or want; either by passing them on directly to people in need or selling them on to raise funds.

If you have that urgent need to clear everything in one go, or are just feeling brave a self storage unit is an ideal way to get organised. Take everything out of your home and put it all in one place to go through.

Once in your unit you will have:

  • Space to spread things out and see exactly what you’ve got
  • Space to sort things into separate piles to keep, sell, bin or donate / pass on – remember be strict!
  • A sense of urgency to get things done. It’s all too easy to put off the clearing out when it’s scattered around the home. If you’ve paid for the hire of a self storage unit to help you, you have an incentive to get on and do it.

If you’re decorating, it’s always easier and quicker to get around in an empty room, and there’s less chance of your belongings and furniture getting damaged.Space Centre Self Storage regularly have clients who use us while decorating or just clearing out. We are happy for people to use us on a short term basis and do not tie you into long contracts, so if you finish your work earlier than expected, it’s not a problem – we don’t charge any cancellation fees. Conversely, if things are taking a little longer, you can always extend your stay with us.

We have units of all sizes ranging from 10 sq foot to 200 sq foot, at our Bristol, Gloucester and Stroud sites and they are all ground floor. External units are drive up, so whether it’s a few cupboards you’re emptying, clearing a whole house or decorating on a room by room basis, we have the space and flexibility you need.

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Not sure how much space you will need?

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