Secure storage following bereavement

Removals | 19.08.13

Tidy Living Room ImageAfter a family bereavement, secure storage may not be high on the list of things to look at. But what if you need to make selling a property your immediate task? There could be debts, inheritance tax or bills to pay. However, it’s not as straightforward as that. What about the belongings inside the property? Some may be of value that could help financially but there will be others that will have sentimental value. Whilst selling the house might be difficult, parting company with the belongings of a loved one can be an emotional experience.

There is actually no need to go through further heartache by immediately calling in a house clearance company or to make endless visits to the local tip. Of course, you might have storage at your own property or with other members of the family but if that’s not the case, why not consider using a local storage centre to keep the belongings and valuables, at least in the short term. It will provide you with adequate time in which to decide what to do with everything in the longer term.

It could be that you organise your own sale or advertise them on ebay . Many may find their way to the charity shop or a local boot sale. Whatever your choice, having the goods within touching distance in the short term, will be a weight off your mind.

“The beauty of using our self storage units is that we do not insist on any long term contractual agreements,” said Lucinda Dangerfield, co director of Space Centre Self Storage

“If you require a unit, of any size, for whatever reason, we can help you choose and advise you on what’s best. The goods will be securely stored in damp free storage units and will be accessible to you at all times. You will be the only person with the key.

For those people who have recently experienced a bereavement, secure storage gives you the opportunity to take a bit more time whilst you consider your next move.

We will advise you on how to store the goods and how to protect them whilst moving them in and out of the unit. We can also help you choose the correct packaging to ensure they are in the same condition when you come to take them away as they were when you left them in storage.”

This article on how to package your belongings for storage has some good tips and advice.

Space Centre Self Storage are based in the North Bristol and Gloucestershire areas and can be contacted via the telephone numbers on the website

If you have any questions or any concerns about leaving family possessions with us, please post a comment below or give us a call. If you’ve ever been in this situation why not share your experience or any advice you might have with our readers?

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