Practical Storage Tips To Declutter Your Home

Cheap Storage | 27.10.17

We’ve all heard the term, ‘home is where the heart is’ but what if your home is consumed by clutter? It’s incredible to think how quickly a home gets cluttered. Unfortunately, getting it organised again takes an entire army and you need a clear space for a positive state of mind.  Declutter the right way with these practical storage tips and you’ll achieve your Feng Shui.

Storage Tips for Getting Started

The biggest hurdle to overcome is getting started. Same applies to piles of documents on your desk or the ton of study material for your final exam. One of the first things to remember is that not everything is important or sentimental. Identify things that don’t really matter or have significant value. Get rid of these first and then focus on finding space for the stuff that matter.

Set Goals and Create an Action Plan

There are times to be spontaneous but decluttering is not one of them. Getting your home back on track needs a structured and organised approach. A great idea is to create an action plan. This applies regardless of how much junk is lying around or the number of rooms your home might have. Identify high traffic areas and rate each one based on the level of severity. Start with the messiest rooms first and remember to set completion dates. This way you can allocate the right amount of time to declutter certain areas.

Create a Sorting System

Clutter is a complex process and should not be rushed. Methodical clearing is required and setting up a sorting system really helps. There are a number of techniques that work for different people but here is a simple and particularly effective one.

What comes to mind when you think of clearing out? Do you keep it, throw it away or store it? For smaller jobs, all you do is label 3 boxes “Keep”, “Throw out” and “Storage”. This way you will be far more organised from the onset. When tackling bigger items you can use a checklist following the same principle.

Don’t be Overwhelmed

You can have the best storage tips but if you get overwhelmed and give up halfway, there really is no point. As mentioned before, start with the messiest room but one thing at a time. Do the corners first, then the shelves before moving on to the bigger cupboards. You’ll be surprised how quickly a room can look uncluttered.

Total Clutter-free Commitment

When it comes to clearing out, be sure to follow through. Don’t put things in the “Throw out” box and then later decide you should keep it. Commit to tossing the junk once and for all. If something seems too valuable to throw out, you can always donate it to a charity organisation of your choice. Not only would you help those in need, you’ll also feel great doing it.

When you really struggle to get rid of stuff, you can always rent a self-storage unit. Make sure the facility offers flexible contracts, drive-up access, 24-hour security and good quality storage units. 

Like-for-like Storage Tips

Finally and one of the most important storage tips is to categorise the items in your home by type. Putting similar items together really helps with organising, packing and unpacking. It ultimately allows you to find certain items easier once packed away. Also make sure that all the boxes are correctly and clearly labelled. You don’t want to open and unpack every box just to find your favourite book.

Even boxes that are destined for your self-storage unit need to be clearly labelled, carefully transported and stored correctly. Take a look at our guide on ‘How to pack your storage unit’ to maximise your space and keep everything safe.

Decluttering is as much a physical task as it is mental. At times it may be hard to really get a handle on it but these storage tips and organisation ideas will certainly help you get started.

If you are looking for flexible storage options to get your home more organised, contact us today. We can help you decide which type of unit will work best for your needs and provide you with expert storage advice.

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