Household Storage Tips For A House Clearance

Furniture Storage | 01.03.18

House clearance can mean different things to different people. We all need to get rid of unwanted items at some point and good household storage solutions can really help. A full house clearance is the easiest way to rid your home, garage, room or attic of items you no longer need. This extends to furniture, antiques, collectibles, valuable and non-valuable goods.

Depending on the circumstances, it can be a difficult time so don’t rush into anything. You may regret it later if you bring in a house clearance firm before doing any organising yourself. Finding a facility with quality household storage units can give you the necessary time to sort things properly. It ultimately provides peace of mind that you’ve done the right things with all the household belongings.

Household Storage And Dealing With Loss

When a loved one passes away, there are so many things to organise. Some are immediate emotional things like notifying people and making funeral arrangements, but you also need to consider what to do with all their belongings, not to mention the property itself.

Whilst a house clearance exercise can be difficult, it can also be very comforting. Taking your time and sorting through everything properly can save heartache at a later date. You may even need to store everything until you feel strong enough to go through their belongings. This is where a household storage unit is ideal, short or long-term. In fact, you may find that retaining a smaller long-term storage unit means you or your relatives can hang on to some of those things they can’t bear to part with.

If you can keep the property and in no rush to sell, you can sort things in your own time. Work your way around the house clearing out one room at a time, deciding what to keep, sell or give to charity. The secret when dealing with our emotional attachment to a loved one’s material objects is all in the timing. If you can’t hang on to the property and don’t know what to get rid of, you should could consider a self storage unit.

A secure storage solution allows you additional time to grieve while you gather the courage to go through old photographs, handwritten poems, letters or drawings, and anything else that seems to embody the person you have lost.

House Clearance When Downsizing or Relocating

Moving home often prompts people to really take stock of their belongings. You need to decide what you want to take with you, what to throw away and what you will do with the remaining items. If you’re moving into a bigger house with more room, you could take everything with you. When you’re letting out your current house, you could leave the unwanted items for your tenants to use or get rid of at their own discretion.

It is slightly more complicated when your new home is smaller or if you’re moving into a fully furnished property. Here you may need to consider a self storage unit to keep your goods safe and out of the way until you need it. Household storage units are ideal for short and long-term use whether it’s a few weeks or a couple of years. Either way, it provides a sense of security as your possessions are securely stored in one place while you still have access when you need them. At Space Centre Self Storage, you can even reduce the size of your storage unit as your requirements change. Here are some really useful tips on downsizing with household storage.

No move is ever perfect or easy and chances are you will forget a few things along the way. Don’t let storage woes be another concern, get in touch with us to find the perfect storage solution for you. We have facilities in Stroud, Bristol and Gloucester ideal for business storage of all types and sizes.

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