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Archiving | 20.01.17

Self storage is a cost effective way of providing extra business storage for all sorts of companies. Documents, stock, tools and equipment, furniture and event show stands are just some of the things businesses are storing. The flexibility of increasing or decreasing the space needed combined with no business rates or electricity bills is the reason many existing businesses are moving away from taking on bigger premises as they expand.

The digital world we live in is allowing more and more people to work from home, and start up businesses are realising that there isn’t always a need to take on a long term premises lease if they can find a suitable self storage facility nearby.

However, finding the right facility that works for your business is essential. If you need to move heavy tools and machinery or multiple boxes of stock you don’t want to have to negotiate tight corners and flights of stairs.

If you’re planning on using self storage for business, here are a few things to consider.

If you have employees that need to access the unit, think about where the unit sits in relation to everyone. If you’re not the one that’s going to be lugging equipment or stock in and out on a regular basis, maybe renting a unit on your own doorstep isn’t the thing to do. The geography of your client base may also be a factor to consider.

The items in your storage unit are valuable, whether that’s in terms of the information they hold or the financial value of stock. If you’re a tradesman, the tools you store allow you to operate your business and so need to be secure. Check if the facility has good security. Does it have 24 hour CCTV? What is the security like at the boundaries? Are the sites alarmed? Are there regular checks for pests and rodents?

Not all self storage facilities offer 24 hour access. If you provide 24 hour call out services and may need to collect equipment at odd hours of the day or night, it’s essential you check this out. Some providers don’t have 24 hours access as standard but will allow you out of hours access for a fee.

Consider what you are storing and what is practical with regard to retrieving things. If you have heavy equipment or stock, ideally you would want a ground floor drive up facility to allow you to load and unload straight from the back of your vehicle. If you’re storing archived documents that you’ll only need access to occasionally, then a first floor facility may suit. Show or event stands and items may only come out a few times a year, but if they’re large or awkward to carry, you may prefer a ground floor unit.

There may well be times when you’ll need a little more or a little less space. How accommodating is the provider? Will you be able to move units easily and without penalty? Contract lengths and price changes factor in here too. How long do you need to sign up for and are you subject to price changes within that time?

Customer Service
Are the centre staff reliable and helpful? A good centre will normally have experienced staff on hand to offer help and advice if you need it. Is the paperwork clear and transparent and has it been fully explained? Basically, you need to feel that they are approachable and willing to help.

If you’re looking for some help with business storage in Stroud, Gloucester or Bristol, get in touch. We provide business storage at all our sites and have both internal and external drive up units. Our terms are fully flexible and there is no long contract period, so you can store for as long as you need to. You are also free to change storage sizes at any time at no extra charge.

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