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Archiving | 13.12.12

Can you cast your mind back to the day when computers first arrived on the scene and we were promised those so called paperless offices? We were told that filing cabinets, record boxes and hard copies of documents would be a thing of the past and that we would all get to work in slick, uncluttered workplaces.

It didn’t happen did it? If anything, the fact that everyone has access to a computer and a printer means there is more paperwork in circulation than ever. Yet so many of these documents are important and we’re obliged to keep so many more in order to comply with government regulations which mean that all companies are required to keep their documents for a minimum of six years.

Depending upon the size of your company, this can take up a lot of valuable floor space that could be better used for other resources. The natural way of saving space is by archiving and storing your documents.  If you are based in the North Bristol or Gloucestershire area and want to move your archive documents to a secure storage site, why not contact us at Space Centre Self Storage.

With Space Centre Self Storage, you can rent storage units from as short as one month to however long you want, all at affordable rates. So why struggle with bulging filing cabinets and piles of document boxes cluttering up your offices, when you can clear it all away with storage in North Bristol or Gloucestershire? Archiving and storing your documents is the obvious way to  go, so why not talk to our team today and get your office space back in 2013.

Director Lucinda Dangerfield said; “Our individual self storage units are clean dry and secure, they are locked with a high security padlock to which you hold the only keys.

“Our storage containers come in a range of sizes to suit your needs and are available on a long term or temporary storage basis. We can also help reduce your existing document storage costs, so give us a call and find out about our storage units and offers.”

Here are five top tips to archiving and storing your boxed documents

  1. Using boxes of the same size will be easier to stack and allow you to use the full height of the storage unit.
  2. Remember to label each box with the contents so you can keep track of what’s inside.
  3. Make sure that each box is relatively full to prevent it becoming squashed if something heavy is put on top of it.
  4. Stack the boxes level to your height.
  5. Keep a small pathway from the front of the unit to the back. If you need an item in the back, you can get to it without much hassle.

Have you got any tips on archiving or storage generally that would be useful for our readers?  Post them in the comments box.  Or do you have some questions about storage that we can answer for you? Contact us for a friendly chat and we’ll see if we can help.

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