Working From Home? Here’s How To Organise Your Space

Storage Ideas | 11.12.20

This year has been one of the most challenging with the pandemic causing havoc across nearly all industries. One positive aspect that has come from it is remote work and the results have been somewhat surprising. Employers have found that most staff working from home are performing more effectively. The question is whether this trend will continue and if so, what can you do to create a more sustainable space when working from home?

While some companies may want staff to work from the office a few days a week, or pop in for important meetings, the signs are good that many will continue to work from home in a post-Covid world. In this article, we look at some expert tips on creating a more sustainable space to maximise productivity.

Creating The Perfect Space When Working From Home

For many, working from home is the new normal and if you’re one of them, how organised is your home office? Are you working with your laptop at the dining room table? Do you have your paperwork in piles all over the floor? Do you use the kitchen table and have to clear it every evening?

Don’t even try to turn your sofa into a desk as it’s just not plausible long-term. If you’re working from home, now is the time to get organised and here is how to get started.

Setup A Dedicated Working Area

You may be tempted to move around the house during the workday but to ensure you stay focused, make sure you create a dedicated area. Whether you use the spare room, kitchen counter or the conservatory, working from home in one area will improve your productivity.

This also means you can switch your mind off completely when you leave your work zone at the end of the workday. Otherwise, you will quickly find yourself hammering away at the keyboard all day and night which is not good for your health or your relationships.

If other people in your household are also working from home, you should set some ground rules. This includes the following:

  • Take phone calls in a different room to minimise distraction
  • Create periods without any interruption
  • Designate a time of day to have a coffee or lunch break together

Add Natural Light And House Plants

Regardless of weather conditions, it’s always better to work at a desk near a window for some natural light. It’s a known fact that sunlight releases the hormone Serotonin that helps boost your mood and ability to concentrate. A bonus is that you don’t need a desk lamp or overhead light during the day so you’ll save on electricity.

If you have the space to do so, consider sectioning off your work zone using small succulents or house plants. Not only do they make your home office look nice but it’s been scientifically proven to improve concentration by up to 38%. Another way to add a positive ‘office-spin’ when working from home is to invest in quality stationery or a nice coffee machine.

Create A Space To Unwind And Relax

Creating a space to relax is as important as ensuring a sustainable home office or work area. Being able to shut off and completely relax in the evening is the secret to productivity and happiness. Your bedroom is the perfect option for a relaxation zone. Here you can sit back after work and enjoy a book or an episode of The Midwife.

You really should try and not bring any work into your relaxation zone. Scientists at Harvard University have found that working in your bedroom, for example, can disrupt the mental association you have between that room and relaxation or sleep.

Declutter And Stay Organised

Working from home can be challenging at times, even for the most dedicated and driven people as it’s easy to lose concentration. To minimise the risk of that happening, make sure to declutter your work zone. As the saying goes, “A cluttered space is a cluttered mind” so remove any unnecessary items to simplify your workspace.

Being organised whilst working remotely sounds simple enough but if you’re home most of the time, clutter can accumulate very quickly. If you have an entire room, clear things you don’t need right now into the cupboard, garage or loft. You could also consider renting a self storage unit to keep some of your larger items safely tucked away.

Home Office Organisation Ideas

As you’ve now discovered, a dedicated, organised workspace is vital for productivity but it can be difficult if it’s all messy and cluttered. To help keep things as organised as possible, here are some great tips on making space when working from home:

  • If you have space for it, get a good quality desk with drawers
  • Invest in additional shelving with baskets for files, stock or other office essentials
  • Create more office storage with a cubby system
  • Use matching bins for additional wall storage
  • Get paper holders or ‘In/Out trays’ for invoices, files and other documents
  • Invest in additional filing cabinets or chest of drawers
  • If you’re on a tight budget, you could simply install some floating shelves

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Working From Home With Space Centre Self Storage

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