Where to hide those Christmas presents?

Self Storage | 20.11.15

35 days to go to Christmas and most of us will have started some of our Christmas shopping. Small presents will be wrapped in their carrier bags and shoved into the back of cupboards until it’s time to wrap. When it comes to wrapping, if you’re not doing it as you go along, have you thought about when you’re going to do it? Will there be a good time when everyone is out? But what are you going to do about the bigger things? Where do you hide those things? A small self storage unit for a couple of weeks may be the answer.

As Christmas gets closer, your kids are likely to get more inquisitive about what they might be getting. They may open the odd cupboard door claiming to be looking for something or decide they want to help you clear out and clean up the spare room ready for your Christmas guests. I’ll point out that it’s probably a cupboard that they’ve not been near for the preceding 11 months and helping you clear up is something that normally only happens in your dreams!

Eventually, whether it’s curiosity or evil genius snoopiness, it’s likely your kids will start their quest to find the Christmas goodies. Under beds, on top of cupboards, in the garage – all the normal places will be explored. For those more savvy kids, just typing the right search phrase into Google will deliver them all the most common hiding places parents use as well as ways of hiding the fact that they’ve been there!

Here are some tips to help you, even if you are using the most commonly known places.

Garage / Attic / Shed
There’s one thing in common for all these hiding places – they are at risk of fluctuating temperatures, damp and pests. If using these places, make sure it’s not for anything that will be affected by this. Electricals, clothes and food items are the obvious ones here. If you are using these areas, make sure the new additions blend in. Use old boxes or tins. If you have to get new boxes to keep things airtight, cover them with an old blanket or curtain. We’ve all got a corner of the garage or shed where there’s a pile of old stuff that no-one ever looks through –ideal! Just make sure you tell anyone else that needs to know that they’re there so they don’t get thrown out by mistake (you never know).

Friends House
Great for getting things out of the house, but do consider whether your friends have children of the same or similar age who’ll be prepared to do the snooping on behalf of yours! A way to help is to make sure everything is wrapped before it leaves you, but it’s still possible there’ll be some squeezing and shaking in an effort to identify the contents of any present found. And don’t forget to make a list of what you send – that way, you won’t forget anything when getting it back.

If you’re lucky you have a lockable one. Problem solved. Pack everything in, lock it up and keep the key somewhere safe. Make sure the key is out of site and reach of your children. You may even have to hide it, but make sure you remember where you put it! If you don’t have lockable cupboards but still want to use them consider pushing things right to the back or underneath piles of clothes or linens. You can put things on top and underneath too but if doing that try labelling the boxes as something different to throw snoopers off the scent or putting them in containers that are always there (they’re less likely to be inquisitive if they’re used to seeing the same old boxes on top of the cupboard).

The Car
Great for those last minute things just before Christmas – not so great for longer term storage as it’s likely the kids will be in and out of the car with you for various reasons. If you keep an ‘emergency’ box in the boot as a matter of course you could get away with putting small things in there. If you’re a 2 car household and the kids tend to travel in one more than the other, then the second car could be used for longer term present storage.

The Office
Don’t want to risk sending the presents to your friend’s house? Take them to work! If it’s your own business, great, pick a spot and pile them up. If, like most people you work for someone else, see if you can clear a desk drawer or find space in a cupboard. If taking this option, make sure the place is secure.

Self Storage
If your kids have found their presents year after year and you’ve run out of hiding options or you have big or bulky presents (like bikes) to store, this is the solution for you. You may even just never have time to get everything out and wrap it without someone snooping around the door. Buy your presents, store them in a self storage unit for a couple of weeks and have the luxury of being able to wrap everything undisturbed in your own time. When the time comes, load your car up and deliver everything back home. Storage units come in all sizes so whether it’s just a few presents or a house full, there will be a unit for you.

At Space Centre Self Storage we are happy to provide short term storage for just this type of occasion. We have no long term contracts and will help you find the unit most suitable for your needs. If you’re in the Bristol, Gloucester or Stroud area, look us up.

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