What Are The Benefits of Self Storage?

Self Storage | 22.07.22

Self storage is the preferred solution for many people and for different reasons. The benefits of self storage are widespread whether you are moving to a new house or business premises, downsizing, retiring or doing renovations. In this quick-fire guide, we look at some of the biggest benefits of self storage for business owners and households alike. 

Self Storage For Households

Are you expecting visitors and need to clear out the spare room or loft for extra space? What are you going to do with all the extra furniture, toys, clothes, books and other belongings? If there’s a delay in a house move and you need a safe place to keep your things, a self storage unit can help. 

If there’s no room in your garage or loft and you don’t want to clutter the spare room with extra stuff, self storage should be your first consideration. Whether you need extra space short-term or long-term, the benefits of self storage are clear, especially compared to storing at home or in the garage.

Benefits Of Self Storage For Households

  • Unlike your garage, which is more susceptible to theft, a storage facility is safer since most premises have access control, 24-hour CCTV and smoke detectors.
  • Since it’s safer, you could save money as the likelihood of replacing or repairing an item is slim
  • It helps keep your belongings safe while your home remains an organised haven, especially if you have a small flat or limited space
  • You can greatly reduce household clutter without throwing away too many items
  • Unlike your garage with limited size and space, you can rent a wide range of differently sized self storage units
  • You can store a wide variety of items, including furniture, appliances, toys, clothes, garden equipment, kayaks, canoes, bicycles and books among many others
  • Organising and regularly clearing out your home or garage is time-consuming while renting storage space is more convenient and takes away most of the decluttering hassle

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Self Storage For Businesses

Whether you have an existing business or are in the process of expanding, the benefits of self storage extend to most types of organisations. What if you hired more staff, have a bigger fleet of vehicles or had more products to stock and sell? Space can quickly become a major concern but renting a self storage unit is an affordable and practical solution.

The use of business storage has greatly increased over the last few years, especially for e-Commerce. It makes sense to store your physical products at a safe location away from your workspace and only collect when you need something. Not unlike households, theft accounts for a big portion of reported losses by many businesses. It’s simple really; the less stock you have in a small area often means a better-organised office for increased productivity, accurate record keeping and stock take.

Benefits Of Self Storage For Businesses

There are many other benefits of self storage units, including the following:

  • Staying mobile – you can essentially run your business from almost anywhere with a central, low-cost distribution or holding centre
  • Reduce the cost of logistics and collect goods on demand only
  • Substantial savings compared to renting bigger premises
  • Lower overheads mean you can spend money elsewhere, i.e. staffing, training or procurement
  • Declutter your office or home office space in the process
  • Storing paper or important business documents has never been easier and safer
  • Flexible rates, terms & conditions – short notice period

What Size Self Storage Unit Is Best?

When it comes to self storage, size does matter but you’ll be surprised how much a small unit can hold if you pack properly. A common misconception is that you need a big storage unit to match the size of the room(s) in your home or office. While it may be true if you are planning on storing just about everything in your house, a smaller unit often does the trick in most cases.

We know how easy it is to miscalculate the actual space you need especially when looking at all the furniture, equipment or stock. Essentially, it comes down to maximising the space by packing your self storage unit correctly. At Space Centre Self Storage, we’ve created a basic calculation of how much space you need based on the vehicle used for transporting your belongings.

Can I Change To A Different Unit Size Later?

If you only need the items or equipment for a short time, it’s preferable to have extra room to store odds and ends rather than renting a second unit or getting the biggest one available. Among other benefits of self storage, especially at Space Centre, you can change to a bigger or smaller unit without paying any hidden costs, provided the desired unit is available.

Do I Need Storage Insurance?

Another important consideration when renting a self storage unit is insurance. You need to make sure that everything is covered under your home insurance policy while in storage. Remember, not all insurance companies are the same and some may require additional cover, especially when storing the entire contents of your house, a vintage car, valuable antiques or office equipment.

To help you get started, Space Centre Self Storage provides free insurance for goods up to the value of £3000. If you need more, either consult your current insurance provider or consider companies like SurewiseInsurastore or Store-Insure among others.

Benefits Of Self Storage At Space Centre

Our storage units are ideal for households, students and all sorts of companies, including those requiring a safe place for documents, physical stock, tools, vehicles or equipment. We know that our clients are happy with the wide range of unit sizes, flexible rates, terms and conditions.

Other benefits of self storage at Space Centre include having clean, dry, and safe space for your belongings without paying a deposit, no hidden fees and guaranteed prices for 12 months. Plus, free storage insurance as mentioned earlier.

For more information about our unit sizes, prices and the benefits of self storage at Space Centre, contact our professional and friendly team today!

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