Using shipping containers for storage

Commercial and Business Storage | 23.09.13

The idea of transforming a shipping container into a pop up restaurant never once crossed my mind. After all, could any one of us imagine dining out in a cargo worthy container which, according to the official description, is a ‘segmental, stackable metal container used to carry luggage or goods by overseas or land transport’?

Richard Boon could. The Cornish restaurateur, converted a 30-foot shipping container into his own food and drink venue on Truro’s Lemon Quay Plaza. 

Now, why didn’t I think of that, I hear you say?

Shipping containers are not only built for durability, but many of them, having arrived from China laden with goods, are never re-used and ultimately become available to purchase. Mostly used by individuals and businesses for storage and keeping their goods safe, the containers have also been shaped by architects and builders into homes, offices and stores.

Lucinda Dangerfield, co director of Space Centre Self Storage, saw the opportunity to transform the shipping containers into secure storage units at their sites in North Bristol and Gloucestershire.

She said; “All of our external storage units are constructed from new shipping containers that we purchase and then convert into individual units. We fully line and insulate them, re-do the floor, panel the doors and also put an additional roof over the top so customers’ goods stay 100% dry. They are very secure and work well, plus they allow customers to park directly outside.”

Here are six other examples of how shipping containers can be used

Container home: You can modify your old used shipping container into a compact, modern, energy-efficient home without facing any hassle. It’s easy to set up and relocate it from one place to another, it has a small footprint and is surprisingly light and airy.

Container Hotels: Just like a container house, containers can also be stacked by professional teams and transformed into large housing complexes, you can use your shipping containers in making container hotels as well as homes. The world’s first shipping container hotel was built in Uxbridge, West London in 2008. 

Container-office: Use of onsite containers are increasing day by day. You can carry your container office from one site to another site according to your location.

Emergency Hospital Container:  You can modify shipping containers into hospitals, providing basic needs of primary treatment like first aid on your site in emergency.

Portable Toilets: Reusing inter-modal cargo ships containers as transportable toilets are a common sight to see in a lot of countries. Convenient characteristics, such transportable toilets help to maintain sanitary and hygienic environment at all times.

Garage and Vehicle-Parks: Modified shipping containers have also found feel as ingenious garages and parking area in a lot of different parts of the world. Sometimes we can see there is not sufficient space in your home to park your car, then you can use container parking.

Have you seen an ingenious way of using a shipping container? Why not share it with us in the comment box below?

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