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Customer Information | 24.07.15

With the schools having broken up and the weather, having turned for the better, it’s time to empty the toy cupboards and transport everything into the garden – it’s PLAY TIME!

However, when the sun falls behind the clouds and it’s time for bed, how will you make sure everything gets put away and doesn’t get damaged by being at the bottom of the pile or from overnight rain or damp? By getting organised and sorting out some storage that’s easy for your children to use.

When it comes to toy storage, baskets and tubs are great. If there’s anything that doesn’t fit in your tubs, why not buy half a dozen garage hooks or some garage shelving? You could even buy a stand alone shelving unit for the shed.

Once you’ve bought your tubs, hooks and shelving and you’re confident that your children’s toys have their own storage space, take time to position your toy storage baskets in accessible places.You need to make sure your kids can get things out and put them away easily.

If you decide to use your garage, make sure there are clear access routes to the tubs. Don’t ask your children to climb over tool boxes, garden tools or bicycles to get to them.

5 storage tips for your children’s toys

Labelled buckets
Buckets are a great idea. Why not buy six cheap buckets and use each one for a different set of toys. Water pistols in one, toys for the paddling pool in another, tennis balls in another.

Garage hooks or long screws
Are you tired of leaning your tennis rackets and badminton rackets against the wall and knocking them over every time you brush past. Why not buy a set of hooks or long screws for the garage wall and hang your rackets up? They will still be accessible but out of the way.

Plastic tubs with lids
You might be quite happy to leave certain items outside, on the patio. However, if you wish to keep them dry and away from the overnight rain, you’ll need some large plastic boxes with lids.

Stand alone shelving
Ideal for storing toys of any shape or size. It is always wise to try and connect your shelving to your garage wall to prevent any chance of the shelving from toppling forward and hurting someone.

Double-duty furniture
If you are looking to buy a new bench for the garden, why not buy a garden storage bench. It’s ideal for resting your legs, but equally handy for storing your children’s toys. A quick online search will find many options and various price points.

‘When September Comes’
If you get to the end of the season and find there’s way too many outdoor toys to fit in the shed, garage etc. because of new additions, why not declutter? It’s the perfect way to create some much needed extra space.

If you get desperate, you can always find your local storage centre and rent a small storage unit that can house all the seasonal things you know you won’t need until next spring/summer.

Have you got any great storage ideas that would help to keep your children’s toys tidy and unbroken? Maybe you’ve used a small storage unit to store those toys and seasonal things during the winter months? Why not share your advice with our readers?

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