Surprisingly Simple Christmas Storage Ideas

Storage Ideas | 04.12.20

The festive holidays are almost here but this year things are a little different as Covid restrictions have wreaked havoc on travel plans and family visits. Some people decided to do their gift shopping earlier to avoid the post-lockdown shopping rush. But now that means having to find creative Christmas storage spots to keep those presents safe from nosy kids (and some adults).

Whilst some go to extreme lengths to hide presents, others rely on more subtle Christmas storage ideas by keeping everything in plain sight. From the downright obvious and most common spots to the more outlandish locations, hiding Christmas presents is part and parcel of the festivities. How well you do it, though, depends on whether you can think outside the box – pardon the pun!

Obvious Christmas Storage Spots

For some reason, many people still keep Christmas presents under the bed, in their wardrobe or the garage. Let’s be honest, those are the first places someone will look so here’s a list of the top 10 places you should not use for storing Christmas presents.

  • Under your bed
  • Bottom of your wardrobe
  • On top of your wardrobe
  • Chest of drawers in your room
  • Somewhere inside your kid’s wardrobe
  • Under the stairs
  • Under your children’s bed
  • Inside one of the kitchen cupboards
  • Behind or underneath the sofa
  • The airing cupboard

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Where Should You Hide Christmas Presents From Your Kids?

The one exception on the list above is putting presents somewhere in the kids’ room. It’s still a little risky but if there is a high enough cupboard you could put things on top. Or, you could cleverly camouflage presents and keep it at the bottom of their summer clothes drawer.

Those are still obvious hiding places but what about the more extreme locations, such as the freezer or a hole in the garden? Do you know that some people even rent a storage unit? Have a look at these top 10 most creative places parents use for Christmas storage.

  • Their underwear drawer
  • Inside mislabelled boxes, such as “Tax Receipts 2019”
  • The old box of the Christmas tree
  • Inside the laundry basket
  • In the kid’s room
  • In a toolbox inside the garage
  • Behind old books
  • Inside rolled up socks
  • The tumble dryer
  • Behind the bath panel
  • Under the floorboards

Smart Christmas Storage Solutions

Don’t be fooled, your kids or partner have probably already started snooping for their Christmas goodies. The likely hiding spots have been ransacked in their discovery quest so what’s the best place for storing Christmas presents? Here’ a look at some pretty clever solutions.

Hide Gifts In The Car Boot

Considering family members will more than likely look for presents while you’re out of the house, you should take the presents with you. Hide the gifts in your boot so there’s no chance of anyone finding it. Either place a blanket over the gifts or, better yet, store it under the carpet.

Store Christmas Presents With The Cleaning Supplies

What’s the biggest thing most kids hate doing? That’s right, it’s cleaning. Use this to your advantage during the holiday season by hiding the presents in a random inside the supply cupboard or underneath the kitchen sink. Tuck it away neatly behind the vacuum cleaner or bottles of spray cleaner. You can also place a few dust cloths or cleaning sponges on top so nobody can see it.

At A Friend’s House

Keeping gifts at a friend’s place is one of the safest Christmas storage ideas but only if they don’t have kids around the same age. The best way to avoid anyone snooping is to wrap everything before it leaves your home. Remember to make a list of what you are keeping there so you won’t forget anything later.

In The Laundry

Unless your kids help with the laundry, most of them will ignore the laundry basket as they do the cleaning supplies. Place your gifts inside a clean garbage bag and hide everything at the bottom of the laundry basket. A good idea is to buy a new one before Christmas that is big enough to fit all the gifts and one that you can’t see into.

Hide Christmas Presents In Plain Sight

If your family members are known for searching in odd places, outsmart them and try something different every year. Hide their Christmas goodies in an obvious place but make sure the presents don’t look like anything exciting. A good example is putting it in boxes from your appliances and placing it amongst other similar boxes. You can easily make a few video games look like a coffee maker.

Rent A Christmas Storage Unit

If your kids are savvier than you realised and you’ve run out of ideas, you could rent a small storage locker or unit. These are particularly handy if you bought them a bicycle, canoe, kayak or anything too big to hide at home. Sometimes you can’t even wrap presents at home without everyone trying to catch a sneak peek.

So, buy the presents and put them in a self storage unit for a couple of weeks. This way you can wrap everything in your own time, undisturbed by anyone. When the time comes, load them into your car and deliver everything back home. Storage units are typically available in all sizes so whether it’s just a few presents or a lorry-load, there will be a unit for you.

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