Storing Fragile Items: How To Pack Like A Pro

Storage Tips | 25.02.22

When storing fragile items, it’s important to identify or develop methods for keeping them safe without restricting your access. This refers to items such as glass, porcelain, antiques and heirlooms but also delicate goods like certain types of textiles that might be hard to manage.

Most of these items need particular care when packing or moving, which is why you should read our article on how to store breakables. This post goes through what you’ll need and how you can prevent your fragile or breakable goods from being damaged while they’re in long-term storage.

Decluttering And Packing Fragile Items

When it comes to packing and storing fragile items, the goal is to preserve the value and quality as much as possible. The only way to do this is by storing breakables and more fragile items properly.

You need to do more than just wrap them in tissue paper and pack them in boxes. These sorts of items need to be stored correctly and a self storage unit could come in very handy. So, where do you start?

What Do I Need When Storing Fragile Items?

The best place to start is by taking stock of breakables that need special care and packaging. From there, put together all the supplies you may need, which includes the following:

  • quality plastic storage bins, ideally ones that are stackable
  • bubble wrap
  • box dividers
  • packing tape and packing paper
  • scissors or packing knife
  • black marker or labels to list the contents of each box for easy access later
  • fragile or breakable stickers

It’s always better to have all your supplies ready to go before you do anything. This will help keep you organised while packing and storing fragile items.

How To Pack Fragile Items

Always use the right techniques to clean, store and transport breakables or fragile items to increase their lifespan. Taking proper care of fragile and delicate items not only saves time but also helps your budget as replacing broken goods can be expensive. Here are some basic tips on packing and storing fragile items.

Line Your Boxes For Added Protection When Storing Fragile Items

When packing fragile items, make sure you clean them first and treat the items if necessary. We highly recommend individually wrapping each item in special packing paper or bubble wrap, or both. You should also add lining to your boxes for added protection and extra cushioning. This will help limit damage to your items should something happen and they move around in the box during transport or packing.

Don’t Overfill The Box And Use Dividers

When storing fragile items such as antiques, collectables and breakables, or anything of particularly high value, leave sufficient space between the items. You should also never overfill the boxes as they may be too heavy to carry and there is also a higher risk of damage.

Any delicate or fragile item should have extra space between them and the best way to do that is to add dividers. Only put a few items in each box and add soft, felt dividers or something similar. This will help keep items separated and in place whilst moving the boxes.

How To Prepare And Pack Glassware

When storing fragile items, like glassware, cover the bottom of the box by crumpling together enough sheets of newspaper or special packing paper. This will provide extra cushioning to protect the glasses from hitting the bottom. You can also use towels or sheets but be sure the layer at the bottom is thick enough to protect the contents.

  • Wrap and pack the biggest, heaviest glasses first
  • Pack lighter glasses on top
  • Pack the box on a flat, clean surface
  • Take one glass or mug and place it in one corner of the paper or towel at an angle
  • Start rolling the glassware and stuff the ends of the paper or towel into the opening of the glass as it rolls
  • Continue wrapping until the glass is fully covered

Check Before Sealing The Box

Before sealing the box, gently shake it back and forth. If you hear the glass tapping or feel the content shifting too much, you may have to repack. It’s the only way to minimise the potential of having broken glass at the end of the journey.

If you can’t hear much and everything seems fine, seal the box with packing tape and label it clearly with the contents and which room it belongs in. Mark the box as “fragile” so the moving company knows to be careful when handling it.

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Safety Tips When Packing And Storing Fragile Items

Safety and security should be your top priority when storing fragile items in self storage. Whilst your goods may be insured, it’s very difficult and often nearly impossible to restore or replace antiques, heirlooms, family jewellery or other sentimental items.

When storing anything of considerable value, you need a storage facility and storage unit with good security. Visit the storage facility and ask to see the storage unit before signing any agreement. Check that the storage unit is clean, dry, well-lit, and secure.

At Space Centre, our storage facilities have 24-hour CCTV, onsite security, alarms and smoke detectors. We also provide a special lock with one key only for you. Access to your storage room is always free and you can pop in at any time within our opening hours.

Consider Climate Control

It’s not only crucial to have the appropriate packing materials for your fragile and delicate items, but it’s also vital to ensure that your storage unit is in good working order. If you are storing fragile items made from wood, leather, lace, and jewellery, consider renting climate-controlled storage. This type of storage regulates the temperature properly so your items will not be exposed to fluctuating temperatures that could damage them. 

Storing Fragile Items With Space Centre Self Storage

The better you pack things at the beginning, the easier it will be to unpack everything later. Don’t rush packing and storing fragile items as it could end up being an expensive move. Take your time and make sure everything is wrapped, packed and stacked correctly.

If you need a clean, dry and secure space for your valuables between and after moving, visit our website for more information and pricing on our wide range of storage units. Our Price and Size Guide will help you choose the right unit and indicate the type of van you might need.

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