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Commercial and Business Storage | 12.01.15

Storage space is often overlooked when people start up a new business.

A business advisor, an accountant, the bank manager – they are never forgotten. They are part and parcel of the creation of a new business.

However, when everything is agreed and the paperwork signed and sealed the question that is often asked at the end of it all is; “Where and how will I store my stock and paperwork?

Many people will work from home, using a spare room to house themselves. A desk and a small filing cabinet is fine at the outset. But what happens when the paperwork mounts and your room becomes cluttered?

What about the initial storage space required for your stock? Sometimes, your garage is not big enough!

A self storage unit is the ideal answer to all of your problems. As most units are damp free (this is worth checking) you can even set up your desk and filing cabinet without fear of your paperwork becoming damaged.

Lucinda Dangerfield, co owner of Space Centre Self Storage, who have centres in North Bristol, Stroud and Gloucester, said;

“We have always catered for new businesses. Our units are ideal for what they need. Many new business owners will set up their desk and house their stock in the unit whilst working from their mobile phone.”

“By utilising the space in a unit, they can avoid the issue of cluttering at home. We will help you in finding the right unit to sort your needs.”

Five things to remember when setting up your business

  1. Write a Business Plan

    You’ve probably heard it a million times, but it’s worth repeating that often. Business owners who fail to plan are planning to fail. You must take the time to develop and write a business plan. It doesn’t have to be a novel, but you do need something you can refer to occasionally to remember your goals and objectives.
    If you plan to borrow money, a well-written business plan is essential to get investors or a loan from your bank.

  2. Do you need storage space?

    If you are selling a commodity, either in individual pieces or bulk, you will need storage space.
    Storage space will become key as your business develops. What’s more, with short term contracts available, you might even want to increase or decrease the size of your unit especially if there’s a seasonal element to your business
    Most self storage companies will not penalise you for cutting short a rental deal to upsize. Likewise, if you have a large unit and realise there is simply too much space, you should be able to downsize, but check this before you sign your agreement.

  3. Give your business a ‘memorable’ name

    When starting a new business, you need a good business name. Your business name is not only your identity but it is also a marketing tool. You need a anmae that will not only identify what your business does and make you stand out from other businesses, but also one that is memorable and easy to pronounce.

  4. Decide on Your Business Structure

    Many small business owners operate as sole traders. Others may join forces and form a partnership. If in business with someone else, you’ll need to consider Limited Liability Partnerships versus Limited Company.
    Make sure you look into this with your business advisor and choose the best structure that works for your business. It must also be one that protects you as well.

  5. Advertising and marketing

    You need to let people know that you exist. Consider the best way to do this on your budget. Will you use social media, direct mail, attend networking events or even advertise? Some will cost more than others financially. All will have a time cost. Do your homework and find out what will work for you.

If you do want some advice on how we can help in terms of advice on storage space, give us a call or post a comment below.

Have you gone through the process of getting all your paperwork and legal requirements sorted for your new business only to realise you forgot about the storage issues?

Did you have to work in a tiny space surrounded by boxes in the early part of your business life? Share your experiences in the comment box below.

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