Stock Storage Guide For Car Boot Sales

Car boot sale | 22.04.22

It’s that time of year when car boot sales and summer markets and fayres are starting up once more. If you are planning to attend as a personal or business seller, stock storage or household storage can help you plan and organise like a pro. Selling at a car boot sale or running your own market stall can be daunting but this quick-fire guide is filled with tried and tested car boot sale tips and stock storage advice to help you enjoy a successful day.

How Stock Storage Can Help Prepare You For A Car Boot Sale

It’s always a good idea to declutter every few months and create some extra space at home. Apart from creating a cleaner, more open space, by putting aside everything that may have some value, you could also make some extra money.

However, before deciding anything, make sure that the items you’ve kept aside are in good condition physically and mechanically. To keep your items clean, safe and in good condition short-term or long-term, rent a stock storage unit as it can make all the difference.

Simple Stock Storage Tips

If you are selling bigger items and don’t have enough space at home, stock storage is the answer. Where possible, avoid keeping stock at home, in the garage or shed as the conditions may not be ideal. Here are a few basics to get the most from your stock storage efforts.

  • Use vertical storage and pack carefully
  • Pack heavy items at the bottom and stack lighter items on top but not too high
  • Don’t try and squeeze items into all sorts of spaces as it could result in damage
  • Use the right storage boxes or containers
  • Don’t use boxes that have previously been stored in damp areas as they will buckle and break
  • Work methodically and label the contents on every box
  • Be careful what you wrap in newspaper as the ink can smudge and stain certain items

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How To Prepare For A Car Boot Sale

Before you go to a car boot sale or market, do thorough research and ask around locally for recommendations. Make sure to find out the time you need to arrive rather than the advertised time as setting up may take a while. While some organisers allow you to set up before potential buyers arrive, others don’t and it ends up being a free for all.

You may want to check out the car boot sale first to see how much space you get. Make sure you also know the restrictions as most won’t allow the sale of guns, knives, alcohol, or tobacco for legal reasons. In other cases, they don’t allow any food and beverage items. It’s worth noting that car boot sales at garden centres typically won’t allow any plant sales.

Sort Through Your Stock

Some items sell better than others so to avoid wasting time, effort and money, here is a list of items people love buying at car boot sales.

Once you’ve identified what other people might be interested in, go through everything properly. Get rid of unwanted, unused or items of little to no value and put the rest in a stock storage unit. Popular items at car boot sales are usually clothes, shoes, kid’s toys, baby goods, furniture, books, CDs and DVDs.

Before packing your car boot sale items, make sure you dust, clean, repair and even iron. Besides, nothing beats making a good first impression as it could increase the likelihood of someone choosing your item instead of going elsewhere. Wrinkled or dirty goods won’t get much attention so a bit of extra effort could pay off later.

Set Up With The Right Equipment

It’s critical to get your stall or stand up and running correctly and that means using the appropriate equipment. It’s also important to display your goods properly with visible price tags, but don’t go overboard with your display area. Any high-end items should be stored in your vehicle or at the centre of the stall to protect against theft and damage.

When selling clothing, don’t forget to bring along a big mirror and a portable changing room. The last thing you need is someone wanting to buy an item but can’t try it on. Instead of putting your items on the ground or in boxes, consider using a foldable table and a clothing rail or rack, all of which can be kept in your stock storage unit. This will help to showcase your items in the best possible light and it may even increase your sales.

Stock Storage And Transport Tips

Packing your car is as important as packing your stock storage unit. Remember to use the right containers and packing materials, including sturdy boxes, packing paper and bubble wrap to keep items safe while in transit. Pack your car with heavy items at the bottom and delicate items on top and make sure nothing can slide around. Check your tyre pressure especially when you’re transporting heavier goods over long distances.

When it comes to stock storage and stock display, put everything in an easy to reach area. If you get there early, take advantage of the first few customers while late traders still find their feet. Remember, at a car boot sale, most of the sales take place within the first hour so make sure you set up quickly and efficiently.

Promote A Bargain Box

Being competitive is the name of the game as nothing draws customers like low prices. One way of getting them to your stall or stand is by having a bargain box where everything is 50p or £1. While it may not guarantee a sale, it will certainly attract people to you which might encourage them to look at your other items.

Take Enough Change, Carrier Bags And Be Prepared For Anything

Whatever you do, make sure you take enough change as people often buy a cheap product with a £10 or £20 note. Speaking of money, take enough denominations of change/notes so you don’t risk losing a sale due to insufficient change.

Have carrier bags on hand and take food and drinks as you may not get time to visit the burger van (especially if you’re on your own). Considering how unpredictable the weather is, take extra clothing in case it rains or gets too cold.

Don’t Put A Price On Everything

While having the price on items can help, it’s best to avoid doing so as you may want to change your prices at some stage. While a car boot sale or summer market can be extremely busy at the beginning, it may get quieter later so reducing the price can help reel in some last-minute shoppers. Even if you have a good stock storage system in place, changing the price tags later will be rather time-consuming and counterproductive.

Prepare To Barter And Set Realistic Expectations

Car booters often like to negotiate a better price so it’s good to start a little higher. However, you still need to be realistic and reasonable so ask yourself whether you’d be willing to pay that price for the item. If you think it’s worth £7, set the starting price at £9 so there is room for haggling. In the end, it could make the customer feel like they’ve just gotten a bargain!

Top Tip: If you see certain items are not selling well, it often pays off to move items around the table.

Stock Storage With Space Centre

Effective stock storage remains a crucial element of running a successful market stall or car boot sale. If you are close to the storage facility, you could even leave your helper to man the stand while you grab more goods to sell.

The biggest benefit of stock storage is keeping everything safe and organised while avoiding potential damage from improper storage. It gives you peace of mind knowing your stock will be in excellent condition. Plus, our drive-up units also make it very easy to load and unload.

Get in touch with our experienced staff members who have experience supporting professional car booters and market traders. They will be able to advise you on the best type of stock storage unit for your needs.

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