Sports Storage Tips For Canoes, Kayaks, Bicycles and Golf Clubs

Storing Sports Equipment | 15.11.19

Cleaning and storing sports equipment properly is essential to keep everything in good condition until next season. Considering that summer sport is now definitely over, you need innovative sports storage solutions to keep your expensive gear clean and safe.

This particularly applies to those who love canoeing, kayaking, cycling and playing golf. Don’t just dump it in a cupboard, garage or storage shed as it could cause premature wear and tear. The last thing you want next season is a damaged canoe, flat bicycle tyres or rodents living in your golf bag.

5 Simple Sports Storage Hacks You Wish You Installed Long Ago

If you own expensive sporting equipment, why risk damage by not storing things properly? Replacing bikes, canoes, kayaks and golf clubs can be astronomical compared to storing it safely in the first place. Here are some pretty useful ideas for storing sports equipment at home or in a self-storage unit.


Shelves are perfect for maximising the available space in your garage or self storage unit and they’re not too difficult to install. Whether you use shelving for balls, golf bags, life jackets or other sporting equipment, don’t overload it. The benefit of shelves, besides getting the most out of your storage space, is that everything is off the floor.  


This must be one of the most useful sports storage solutions out there as hooks can go on the wall or the ceiling. It keeps equipment off the floor and out of harm’s way while saving space and making the area look tidy. Hooks can be used for many different items from bicycles, tennis rackets and cricket bats to canoes, kayaks and fishing rods. When renting a self storage unit without shelves or hooks, remember to get permission from the facility before making any changes.

Bins or Containers

Large bins or containers are also extremely useful for storing sporting equipment. While it may not help for storing kayaks, canoes or golf clubs, it’s ideal for skateboards, bats, cricket pads, stumps, balls, gloves and uniforms. It’s best to use clear containers so you can see what’s inside or at least ensure that you clearly label each bin or container. We recommend using containers with lids to keep everything free from dust, bugs, rats and other unwanted guests.

Pulleys and Hoists

Like hooks, pulleys and hoists can help you save valuable floor space. Add a pulley system to your garage or storage unit and simply attach your bicycle to the hoist. Use the pulley system to lift it out of the way and just like that you’ve created more floor space.

Wall Mounts

Wall mounts will help especially when you have limited space with only a small corner to work with. If there is an exposed stud wall or rafter, install a hook style storage rack. These can be simple, inexpensive steel hooks to a more complex system that can also stabilise the item while protecting the wall surface. Wall mounts are extremely beneficial for storing bicycles, canoes, kayaks and SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboard).

Storage And Maintenance Tips For Bicycles

Like any machine or tool, bicycles also require maintenance to perform better and last longer. There are a few simple bicycle maintenance checks you could do to ensure your bike is in good condition. If your bike has been in storage for a while, this becomes even more essential.

  • Keep the chain clean and lubricated but not too much as it will collect more dirt and make cleaning harder
  • Remember to keep tyres inflated even during extended bicycle storage whether it’s a few months or a year. Worst case scenario, remove the tyres completely as this way you prevent cracks on the sides
  • All the spokes should have equal tension and not be loose. Pluck each spoke with your finger to ensure that each one sounds as similar as possible
  • Keep screws, bolts and nuts tight but not too tight

Sports Storage Advice For Canoes

A vital piece of advice is to always store canoes indoors and if that’s not possible, at least keep it in a shaded location. Sunlight can easily degrade canoes made from fibreglass, plastic and epoxy-coated wood. The only canoes safe from the sun are aluminium ones. The sun can cause damage to wood gunwales, deck plates and painted surfaces can fade or crack.

  • Extreme cold can also damage wood gunwales and deck plates so maintaining all the wooden pieces on your canoe is essential
  • Most canoe hulls will deform or bend over time if exposed to uneven weight distribution so spread out the weight of the canoe over its entire length when in storage
  • Never store your canoe upside down on the ground as it is too harsh on the gunwales
  • Don’t lay it on its side on a flat surface for extended periods of time
  • Avoid storing it near a significant heat source like a furnace or water heater

Storage Tips For Kayaks

Along the same vein as canoes, kayaks need special care when placing in storage. One of the most important (and often forgotten) tips is to thoroughly remove all salt before storing, especially if you use your kayak in saltwater. Here are some additional maintenance and storage tips:

  • Check for cracks and repair any problem areas
  • Cover and protect with a thick and durable tarp and tie the tarp down, protecting the boat yet allowing for some airflow
  • If storing outside in a snowy area, regularly remove snow during the winter to prevent damage from excessive pressure
  • Store plastic kayaks on their side and store composite kayaks with their hull up or on their sides
  • Deflate inflatable kayaks and store indoors when not in use for long periods
  • When using L-hooks on a wall, make sure they are positioned to offer the best support and weight distribution

Simple Sports Storage Tips For SUPs (Stand-up Paddle Boards)

Many stand up paddleboards are 10 to 12 feet long and some are even longer. SUPs can also weigh more than 20 pounds which makes storing them rather challenging. Considering the cost of a quality SUP, it’s worth the time to find a safe place to protect it from damage.

  • If you have space, the easiest solution is to keep your SUP in the garage or shed (anywhere indoors to protect from sunlight, moisture and extreme heat)
  • Before storing your board, rinse it with fresh water to remove dirt, sand, salt or grime
  • Wash the board with a mild soap and water mix at least once a year but avoid solvents or strong chemicals
  • Hang your board from the ceiling using a hoist and make sure that the hull faces up toward the ceiling for added protection

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How To Properly Store Golf Bags

The best solution is to store golf clubs in your house, flat or temperature-controlled storage unit. Just make sure wherever you store them that they are clean and dry beforehand. Here are some important maintenance and storage tips for golf clubs:

  • Use warm water, soap and a worn-out cloth to clean your golf clubs
  • A tee is really handy for cleaning the grooves on your wedges and soapy water for the grips
  • Constant exposure to cold won’t damage the head or shaft but could it can dry out the grips and cause them to harden or crack
  • Store in a corner somewhere out of the way so the bag won’t get knocked about causing dents or scratches on the clubs
  • If your golf bag came with a rain cover, place that over the top of the bag for added protection

Storing Sports Equipment With Space Centre Self Storage

Sports storage shouldn’t be a hassle and if space is an issue at home, consider renting a self storage unit. Storing sports equipment at Space Centre Self Storage is a smart, simple and affordable choice. All of our storage units are clean, dry and secure with prices guaranteed for 12 months. There is also no deposit and no hidden costs.

Facilities are monitored by 24-hour CCTV while each unit has a smoke detector. Furthermore, you are the only one with a key to your unit so be sure to make a copy in case you misplace yours. Our storage facilities in Bristol, Stroud and Gloucester are conveniently located near major access roads with indoor, outdoor, small, medium and large units.

Get in touch for more information or request a quote and start storing your sports equipment today!

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