Self storage DO’s and DON’Ts

Customer Information | 17.07.15

self storage unitsIf you are planning to rent a self storage unit to help alleviate your storage problems, always remember to READ the storage rules. Like anything else in life, there are always plenty of Do’s and Don’ts.

Look at the small print when you sign your contract and make sure you plan accordingly. DO your homework and DON’T just sign on the dotted line and ignore the rest.

If you follow the correct procedures, take care when it comes to preparing your goods and organise your storage unit properly, you will reap the benefits.

Remember – if you are ever in doubt, you refer to your rental agreement or talk to a manager at your self storage facility who can clarify anything you are unsure of. After all, the rules are not only set in place for for the protection of the storage unit owners, but for you and other users of the facility.

We have picked out the some of the best tips and storage rules that will help you when it comes to hiring a unit at your local self storage centre.

DO read the contract. Like any other contract you sign, make sure you go over the small print with a fine tooth comb. DON’T get caught out.

DO check on the insurance, especially if storing items of value. Your standard home insurance may not cover items away from the home. Most self storage units come with a certain level of insurance, but you may need more.

DON’T store anything flammable. If you are storing anything with a fuel tank, like a lawnmower – drain it first. DO make sure you clean and dry your equipment if storing long term to prevent rust etc.

DON’T store food products of any kind. It can attract pests and/or rodents.

DO prepare your belongings carefully prior to storage. Protect pieces of furniture with dust sheets, use bubble wrap to protect glass and china and stand pieces of antique furniture on pieces of cardboard to protect the feet.

DON’T store weapons of any kind.

DON’T store paint cans, old car batteries or anything that requires special disposal in your unit. DO ask your site manager if you’re not sure about anything.

DON’T store pets or people in your unit. Storage units are not designed to be a home to any living thing and it’s illegal.

DON’T stack your boxes or items higher than 6′ tall. If you do this, they are likely to topple and could cause breakages or damage, not to mention personal injury.

DO label ALL of your boxes, so when it comes to finding a box or an individual item, at a later date, they are easily found.

DO look after your unit. Make sure you report anything that might need fixing before you sign your contract. A shelf might be broken or a light not working. Your self storage manager will have no idea they need fixing unless you report it and make sure your unit is left in good condition at the end of your rental term.

Have you got any questions about what you can store, or are just not sure about anything? Give us a ring, we’ll be happy to help.

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