Seasonal Stock Storage: Gearing Up For Christmas

Business Storage | 04.09.18

We know that most of you don’t want to hear about Christmas before we’ve even had Halloween, but for businesses, it is a reality. Honestly, you should have been thinking about seasonal stock storage and Christmas since June.

For many it will simply be booking the annual staff party, but for retailers there is much more to consider. Increases or changing stock orders should already be finalised along with any additional stock storage requirements. The Christmas trade may well put a strain on the current storage needs for market traders and small retailers. Many small cafes have started selling locally produced arts and crafts within their business during the Christmas period.

If all this makes you somewhat nervous, self storage could be the answer to all your storage woes. Every year we provide stock storage for countless businesses from all sizes. Not only do we provide peace of mind with clean, dry and secure units, our rates are exceptionally competitive. We’ll share some tips on how to store your seasonal goods to help minimise damage during storage and in transit.

Stock Storage And Retail

When businesses face Christmas stock problems, self storage is often the best solution. The flexibility allows a business to respond easily to seasonal demands. This includes the need for additional Christmas stock and taking advantage of ordering in bulk at discounted rates. You got to store your stuff somewhere right? Take a look at this article on ‘Preparing Your Business For Christmas’.

Retailers typically order their stock months in advance based on previous sales figures but it’s not always that simple. Sometimes things go wrong with a ton of goods arriving when they are least expected. If you don’t have enough space, where would you store your stock if it arrives too far in advance?

While many retailers use business storage units for their surplus stock all-year round, others use it only when needed. Although Christmas is a great example, other seasonal events or holiday festivities may also require additional stock storage solutions. Think Halloween and even New Year’s where many businesses use their storage units for decorations, promotional items and leftover stock.

How To Pack, Store and Safely Transport Your Seasonal Stock

When it comes to effective stock storage, there is a right and a wrong way to pack and store everything. Ignoring expert storage advice could land you in a heap of trouble when the season starts. In addition, poorly organised storage units can be hazardous in many ways. Incorrectly stacked boxes could easily topple over and damage goods or cause serious injuries.

We would not recommend storing stock at home, in the garage or shed as anything can happen. Effective stock storage remains one of the most essential elements in running a business or event. Here are five top tips for packing boxes along with a couple of things you should never do.

1. Choose The Right Boxes And Clearly Label Each One

Always use sturdy boxes and fill them to the brim and seal the lid. This allows you to easily stack boxes on top of one another. Remember to label each box so you can identify the contents without having to move and unpack everything. Clearly mark fragile goods to avoid any mishaps and that includes “This Side Up” labels.

2. Pack Large or Heavy Items At The Bottom

Some might think this is obvious but you’d be surprised how often people make this mistake, especially when packing in a rush. Always pack heavy items at the bottom of the stack so your seasonal stock remains in good condition. Who knows, perhaps you could re-use some of it next year?

3. Reinforce Your Boxes

If your boxes contain heavy items, we recommend taping the bottom of the box for added durability. The last thing you need is for the box to give way and you end up with damaged stock.

4. Use The Right Packing Materials

As important as reinforcing your boxes are, you must also use the correct packing materials. Wrap fragile or valuable goods in bubble wrap, newspaper, blankets or special packing paper. In some cases, you can even buy packing materials at certain storage facilities.

5. Create A Master List

Keep a clipboard near the entrance with a full list of everything inside the unit. All you need is a piece of paper to record the contents of each box and a corresponding box number. This is really useful if you are looking for something specific and your boxes are packed completely out of view.

What Not To Do With Stock Storage

  • Never fill a box until it is so heavy that you can’t lift it safely. Instead, spread the heavy items over a few smaller boxes.
  • When packing your goods into self storage, do not pack the heavy items on top. They could cause damage to the boxes and the contents of those underneath.
  • Never pack items that you might need first underneath boxes that you know will remain in storage for a long time.
  • Ink from newspapers can smudge and stain certain items so be careful what you wrap in The Times or Telegraph.
  • Do not use boxes that have previously been stored in damp areas as they will buckle and break.

Too often things get damaged as a result of not following best practice stock storage advice. The same applies when you’re moving your stock from A to B. Make sure everything is packed correctly and securely fastened when in transit. There really is no point if you pack things carefully but then cause breakages with boxes rolling around the back the van.

A clean, dry and secure self storage unit can help you whether you’re a big retailer or a small trader. For a small price your goods can remain in tip top condition ready for next season. Space Centre Self Storage provides quality, affordable self storage units in a range of sizes at convenient locations in Stroud, Bristol and Gloucester.

Our staff are friendly, experienced and always willing to help in any way that they can. You can also buy boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape and a padlock from our facilities. Please give us a call or get in find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+.

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