Ideas for Maximising Storage Space at Home

Commercial and Business Storage | 31.08.17

Back to school means different things to different people but we all know additional storage space is likely needed. The kids will bring back extra school goodies like uniforms, sport kits, lunch boxes, books and more so be prepared. If you haven’t already organised the bedroom and kitchen storage to accommodate all the extras, you’re in for a surprise. Soon you’ll find every square foot of floor space cluttered with random stuff and no place to put anything.

It seems the most common dumping ground is under the bed, stairs or behind the door. Perhaps it’s time to be creative and think outside the box; pardon the pun.

5 Tips for Creating Extra Storage Space at Home

The Storage Bed

Bedrooms tend to require the most storage space but usually don’t offer enough. You can agree that sometimes cleaning your bedroom means shoving things under the bed, especially as a child. But instead of getting a bed without any space underneath, you should consider a storage bed.

This practical storage space provides you with 23 cubic feet for all your stuff and a place to snooze. What more do you need? Some furniture outlets might stock these but you can learn how to build a storage bed right here.

Built-in Knee Wall Dresser

If you have an attic or a top-floor bedroom, chances are there is some awkward space you struggle to fill. A great solution is a knee wall dresser inside the wall which saves considerably on height and floor space. Imagine having all the storage space of a wall dresser but completely out of the way.

The dressers are generally 2 x 4 m and 4 ft high so they can easily be covered with full sheets of drywall. If the interior walls are load-bearing, just make sure you provide additional support to the rafters over the opening.

Storage Ottoman

Ottomans are very versatile and multi-functional. They can be used as extra seating, a foot rest or even a coffee table. Ottomans with under-lid storage are even better. Be sure to choose lids that lift off completely or with safety hinges. They are perfect for books, blankets, sheets or anything you can fit inside. Customize the upholstery to match your decor or make it stain resistant if you have pets or young children.

Toy Chests

What better way to store toys than a designated storage space just for the kids? Toy chests can be a simple design or something straight from a story book like a barn or castle.  Adding wheels and a special lid makes it even easier and more fun to pack up after playtime. Make a barn shaped toy chest from materials available at any DIY store. It’s so simple to build even the kids can get involved.

Kid’s Room Storage Cubbies

These days modular design is somewhat of a buzz word so why not incorporate this into your child’s bedroom. Storage cubbies are an ideal way to neatly store books, toys, stationery or personal items. You can make them any size you like but 12 inch cubes are a good start.

The cubbies can be customised to suit the needs of any growing child and they can even do it themselves. Most of the parts are removable and the panels can be painted or covered with fabric. A single cubbie can be used but stacking multiple cubes will certainly maximise storage space.

Storage Space for Parents

Speaking of home storage ideas, let’s not forget about the parents. In fact, we need to store by example starting with tools, garden furniture, clothes and collectibles. Take the first step to organise and declutter things you no longer need or haven’t used in a long time. Why keep it lying around and take up unnecessary space? If you have items you really can’t let go of, consider renting a self storage unit or if you’re feeling lucky, try make extra cash at a car boot sale.

Finally, running a business from home means storage should be take even more seriously. Home businesses and sole traders like plumbers, electricians and carpenters definitely need designated storage for tools, equipment, stock or documents. You could store everything in boxes under your bed, in the attic or garage but it’s really not ideal. A self storage unit offers more security, more space and gives you all the peace of mind you need.

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