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Customer Information | 03.07.15

Are you heading for pastures new but find yourself fretting about storing your possessions? Relax. Long term storage will wipe away the fears and allow you to focus on what could be your trip of a lifetime.

It goes without saying that travelling, moving or spending time on a lengthy holiday is far less stressful when you know your belongings are stored safely. After all, there is nothing more likely to spoil your trip than worry!

Let us put your mind at rest. Get in touch with us at Space Centre Self Storage and we will answer all of your long term storage questions.

As a company, we are very flexible too. So don’t concern yourself about long term contracts. If your holiday, gap year or sabbatical abroad is not what it seems or if you are missing the UK and want to come home early, we have a flexible solution.

Likewise, there are no issues in terms of your storage unit, if you wish to extend your stay in the sunshine!

Disadvantages of long term storage

Advantages of long term storage

A long term storage unit will enable you to house your belongings, antiques, valuables and for that matter, all of your household goods, under lock and key.

Peace of mind
It goes without saying that if your belongings are safe and you have the only key to the unit, you can enjoy your holiday, sabbatical or foreign travel without having to worry about, what if…….?

Keeping in good condition
As long as you follow the basic guidelines, in terms of preparation, your belongings will not only be secure, but they will be protected too.
Don’t neglect this side of the procedure – uncovered, exposed goods might still get damaged regardless of whether the self storage unit is climate controlled or damp free.

No long term contracts
Most self storage centres will allow you to store your belongings for as short or long as possible. However, the real beauty at Space Centre Self Storage is this. if you want to cut short or extend your trip, there are no penalties for changing the length of time you need your self storage unit.

Easily accessible
If you are spending a year away from your belongings, but have many of them earmarked for sale during that time – maybe at auction or on ebay – they are easily accessible as long as you leave with the key with someone. You would have to make your self storage centre aware of this.

If you live in the North Bristol or Gloucestershire areas of south west England and wish to find out about long term storage, give us a call or look us up on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. We also have a website with all the contact details you need.

Not sure how much space you will need?

If you would like to talk to a member of staff about your requirements contact your local branch.

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