How To Create More Storage Space At Home

Storage Ideas | 08.04.22

Do you feel that there’s never anywhere to put things? Are you just opening cupboard doors and throwing things onto the top of the pile that’s already on the cupboard floor? Maybe it’s time to start using your home storage space more effectively and this simple guide will help you do just that.

Making The Most Of The Storage Space In Your Home

It seems there is never enough storage space at home, is there? From piles of books and kids’ toys lying around creating tripping hazards to clothes cluttering every drawer, cupboard and wardrobe. Without knowing, the available storage space at home can quickly run out. The good news is that there are many ways to make the most of your home storage without building an extension, adding a third storey to the house or digging down to create a basement.

Declutter Your Home To Create More Storage Space

The secret to creating more storage space at home is to declutter first! We’re all guilty of keeping items we no longer need or haven’t used in a while. The golden rule is to get rid of something you haven’t used or worn in the last 12 months. If that is the case, chances are you probably never will and it just adds to the clutter.

Remember, if you have a number of unwanted items – big or small – consider putting them on eBay or taking them to a charity shop. If they have sentimental or monetary value, why not rent a small storage unit at your local self storage centre. This way they’ll be safe and secure until you need them again.

Once you’ve done that, organise what you want to go into which room, and find the correct storage for your needs. Here are a few clever (and cheap) ways of creating more storage space at home.

Tips For Maximising Storage Space In Your Home

Make efficient and space-saving storage a priority across your entire house. Every nook and cranny is pleading for your stuff, so take charge of your possessions and get them out of sight or into well-managed locations.

  • Store things on top of cupboards and wardrobes and under beds
  • Under-bed storage drawers, for example, can be used for more than just bedding
  • Utilise the space under the sofa and chairs by sliding a storage box underneath
  • Put hooks on the backs of doors to create more hanging storage space
  • Use hanging storage baskets or containers to create more storage space in bathrooms and bedrooms
  • Put bars on the inside of wardrobe doors for storing belts and scarves without interfering with the main wardrobe space
  • Better utilise the space under the stairs with cupboards or shelves and hooks

11 Ways To Create Extra Storage Space at Home

Professional organisers always say that your prime real estate is the space between your knees and shoulders. That means the best storage space at home should be the easiest place to reach, especially for the items you use most frequently. While there are many other amazing ideas to create more space at home, here are some of our favourites.

1. Using Multi-Purpose Furniture

Since space at home is often limited, you may need to think outside the box when it comes to finding the right storage solution. With many of us working from home, a busy kitchen could benefit from a multi-purpose desk and a dining table in one. Instead of using a full-sized desk, a multi-purpose kitchen table provides a bigger space to work and shelving to store work essentials. You can also put it to one side when your ‘office hours’ end.

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2. Under The Stairs Utility Storage Space

Many properties have awkward space under the stairs which you can turn into something useful, no matter the size. By being creative and taking an organised approach, you can convert it into a utility room for extra storage space. By adding clips and hooks to the door or wall, you’d be surprised just how much floor space you can save.

3. Bespoke Headboard With Storage

If you have a small bedroom with limited storage space, a headboard could be ideal for squeezing in some extra room. It is essentially a hidden storage compartment that removed the need for bulky bedside tables. Have a look at this fabulous small bedroom idea that saves space using a bespoke headboard.

4. Consider Bespoke Bedroom Storage Solutions

Your bedroom should be a blissful sanctuary but cluttered shelves and stuff on the floor can quickly turn it into chaos. Using smart bedroom storage solutions can make a significant difference whether you have 5 or 25 pairs of shoes and loads of clothing. It’s important to store seasonal items and only keep everyday clothing and shoes close at hand.

When planning your bedroom storage and when measuring the amount of space you need, add 20% as you’ll almost always need more storage space than you realise. Think about what you have and what you want to store and choose the best bespoke bedroom storage idea. Our friends at Hartley’s Bedrooms, BC Bespoke and United Furnishings are three of many companies that can help.

5. The Storage Bed

Clutter tends to accumulate in bedrooms pretty quickly and requires the most storage space. We all know that cleaning your bedroom often means shoving things under the bed, especially as a child. Short of throwing everything out, one of the best solutions is getting a storage bed that could provide 23 cubic feet of extra storage space. While many furniture outlets stock storage beds, you could learn how to build a storage bed here.

6. Create Storage Inside The Walls

Building floor-to-ceiling shelving and cupboard space may involve some extra work but it can help you make the most of every inch of your home. By creating storage space inside the walls, you’ll have plenty of room for books or records while adding a feature wall of sorts.

7. Built-in Knee Wall Dresser

If your home has low ceilings or a top-floor bedroom, there’s a good chance you’re having trouble filling up that space. A knee wall dresser within the wall is a fantastic idea since it saves room on both height and floor space. Consider how much storage capacity a wall dresser has but is out of the way entirely.

8. Storage Ottoman

Storage ottomans are often under-utilised despite being extremely adaptable and multi-functional. They may be utilised as extra seating, a footrest, or even a coffee table. Ottomans with under-lid storage are even better, but choose lids that lift off completely or with safety hinges if possible. You can use a storage ottoman for books, blankets, sheets or anything you can fit inside.

9. Toy Chests

If you have children, toys are often the main cause of clutter! There is hope, however, as a toy chest is a fantastic solution to create a designated storage space for the little ones. Toy chests can be simple in design or something from a storybook-like a barn or castle. You can even add wheels and a special lid to make it even easier and more fun to pack up after playtime. While you can buy a toy chest, why not make a barn-shaped toy chest from materials available at any DIY store?

10. Storage Cubbies

Modular design has become somewhat of a buzzword in the automotive world but also in creating household storage space. You could incorporate storage cubbies into your child’s bedroom or any other room for that matter. They are an ideal way to neatly store books, toys, stationery or personal items. You can also make them into any size but 12-inch storage cubes are a good start. Remember, they can be stacked as well and customised to your liking.

11. Need More Storage Space In The Garage?

Shelving in the garage is key to creating extra room while avoiding the potential disaster of piling things on the floor. Attach some sturdy shelves strong enough to store your toolbox, paint pots, small gardening tools and buckets among other gardening equipment. You can also put large screws into your garage wall to hang bicycles which will create additional storage space underneath. Here are some great ideas.

Take the first step to organise and declutter your home before buying or creating extra storage space. If you have items you are struggling to part with, consider renting a self storage unit. Or, if you think you can sell your belongings for some extra cash, try your luck at a car boot sale.

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