Household Storage Tips and Staging Your House For Sale

Home Staging | 11.03.22

When it comes to selling your house, it’s crucial to ensure that it looks its best. Home staging is a fantastic way to accomplish this, and one of the most essential things you can do is declutter. For storing furniture and other big or valuable items, household storage can help keep things organised and safe. Let’s take a closer look at some simple (and cheap) home staging tips and how to use household storage.

Staging Your House For Sale

Home staging can increase the value of a home and it can help shorten the amount of time that your home is on the market. With such clear benefits, it just makes sense for home sellers to take the time and put some effort into staging their property.

The good news is that many of the top home staging tips don’t require spending too much money. That means your budget can go toward other things. Whether you are getting ready to sell your home or trying to improve on a stagnant property, here are some home staging tips followed by expert advice on how household storage can help.

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Decluttering Comes First

A cluttered home is an eyesore for potential buyers which may cause them to see your property as smaller and unorganised. Decluttering is the first thing you need to do so that buyers don’t get distracted by looking at your belongings instead of the rooms. Remember, any room filled with clutter of any sort can appear smaller than it actually is and that is a big no-no.

Keep Household Storage Areas Organised

Now that you’ve decluttered, you can see where additional storage may be required to give rooms a cleaner and more organised appearance. Make sure your storage units aren’t overburdened, whether they’re hidden behind doors or elsewhere whilst remembering that potential buyers will open cupboard doors. The golden rule is to help buyers envision their belongings in your home so it’s important to show that you have enough storage space without being overloaded.

Time To Clean

A clean house will appear well-cared for and more appealing to potential buyers. Heck, even renovators prefer a place that looks organised and clean. A sparkling clean, aired house will also be more inviting whilst helping buyers imagine themselves living in your property.

Remove Personal Items

One of the major goals of home staging is to make potential buyers see the space as their own. The easiest way of doing this is by creating a blank canvas by removing some of your personal items. You want the home to have style and appeal, but you don’t want too many personal items detracting from the property.

  • Remove any personal photos (framed photos on walls and surfaces, anything that’s stuck to the fridge)
  • Store clothes neatly and out of sight. You could rent a household storage unit for clothes, toys and furniture.
  • Clear bathroom counters of personal items (toothbrushes, perfume and contact solution)
  • Remove anything overtly religious

While de-personalising your home may seem a little extreme and not all appealing to live in, it is one of the best ways to help buyers better connect with your property on a more personal level.

Simple DIY Projects For Added Value

Home staging is an excellent opportunity to repair small nicks, scratches, holes, and other signs of neglect. Begin by sweeping the floor with a melamine foam eraser pad, then go room to room removing any scuffs from the walls. Keep an eye out for areas that require some attention and make them sparkle and shine.

Here are some simple DIY ideas to help with your home staging efforts:

  • give your place a fresh lick of paint (but keep it neutral)
  • remodel the kitchen if your budget allows or simply paint the cupboards and replace old handles and taps with new, modern ones
  • change old bathroom taps, door handles and properly scrub the bath and/or shower
  • Sand and varnish wooden finishes
  • Fix or replace light fittings

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Simple Home Staging Ideas For Maximum Impact

The goal of staging a house for sale is to show potential purchasers that you’ve taken good care of the property whilst improving its appeal. Here are a few incredibly handy home staging tips.

  • Clear out excess furniture, toys, clothes, or anything else that is taking up too much space and keep in a household storage unit
  • Use light-coloured furniture and mirrors to make a room seem brighter
  • Add a few beautiful plants around the house
  • Make the bed and put on a new bedspread
  • Add colourful scatter cushions on the sofa
  • Make sure every part of the house smells fresh and clean
  • Light candles during home viewings
  • Spruce up the outside of your property (garden, flower beds and driveway)
  • Pack away garden tools, hoses and other equipment
  • If you have pets, make sure their mess is also cleaned up

How To Rearrange Your Furniture

When it comes to staging your house for sale, you want it to be as open and uncluttered as possible so potential buyers can easily explore the property. This will make them appreciate the space more and help them visualise their furniture in every room.

Moving furnishings away from walls is a common interior design method for making rooms appear larger. Rearrange your furniture to make more space or show how a dining room table can easily and stylishly split an open plan room, for example. When staging your home, don’t forget the vital role of household storage.

It’s pointless to rearrange furnishings if you’ll only be putting them into the garage or another space. Treating other rooms as a storage area will only make your house seem congested and chaotic. Only keep items that may add value to the viewing experience and remove anything that is broken or outdated.

Household Storage Tips And Tricks

When considering home staging and household storage, the best place to start is getting high-quality storage containers, especially clear plastic boxes since people can see what’s inside. You can use these to store clothing, toys, books, or anything else that takes up space in your home.

Decluttering and organising your home is challenging as there is so much to think about. Here are some stress-reducing packing tips for more effective household storage:

  • Use the right boxes (corrugated cardboard or transparent, sealable plastic containers)
  • Pack heavy items in small boxes to make transporting easier and to minimise injuries
  • Label each box with the contents and the corresponding room
  • Label boxes that contain breakable items and those that are load-bearing
  • Keep all the boxes for each room together to save time when unpacking
  • Keep an aisle in the middle of your storage unit for easy access

Top Household Storage Tips:

Remember to wrap fragile items individually and place them in a box lined with layers of newspaper and a sheet of bubble wrap. At Space Centre Self Storage, we can also provide you with boxes, bubble wrap, padlocks and packing tape.

Final Thoughts

Whichever way you look at it, a cluttered home will be a turnoff for many buyers regardless of how well you’ve staged it. That means decluttering, organising and putting things in a household storage unit are among the most important factors when trying to sell your home.

By following our decluttering, home staging and household storage tips, you should be able to sell your home faster and possibly for a higher price than you bargained for. For more tips on home staging, packing, moving, decluttering, business or household storage, be sure to follow our blog.

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