Embracing Minimalism with Self Storage

Decluttering | 15.12.23

Are you feeling overwhelmed by clutter in your home? Aspiring to adopt a minimalist lifestyle but unsure where to begin? Self storage offers an ideal solution for those seeking to declutter and embrace minimalism. This blog explores how self storage can be a crucial ally in your journey towards a simpler, more organised life.

What is Minimalism?

Minimalism isn’t just an aesthetic; it’s a philosophy that emphasises living with essentials, promoting a clutter-free environment that nurtures peace and focus. It’s about identifying what’s truly necessary and eliminating the excess that disrupts your space and mind. The minimalist approach varies for each individual, as everyone’s essentials differ. The core concept, however, remains the same: streamline your possessions to retain only what is meaningful or frequently used.

How To Start Your Minimalist Journey with Self Storage

  1. Assess and Declutter: Begin by assessing your living space. Identify areas that are chaotic and in need of organisation. The decluttering and minimalism process can be gradual; start with the most cluttered area and progress at your own pace. Whether you follow Marie Kondo’s category-based method or a room-by-room approach, the aim is to segregate items into essentials, non-essentials, and clutter.
  2. Categorise and Decide: Once your items are sorted, decide their fate. Essentials are items you use regularly and serve a definite purpose. Non-essentials might not be daily-use items but are still meaningful or occasionally useful, like seasonal decorations. Clutter, on the other hand, includes items that are neither essential nor particularly meaningful.
  3. Action – Keep, Toss, or Store: Decide what to keep at home, what to discard, and what to place in self storage. Essential items should be organised effectively within your home. For clutter, consider donating, recycling, or discarding. Non-essential items and sentimental possessions that you’re not ready to part with can be stored in a self storage unit.

“The first step in crafting the life you want is to get rid of everything you don’t.”

Joshua Becker

The Role of Self Storage in Minimalism

In the journey towards a minimalist lifestyle, self storage plays a pivotal role, acting as a transitional space for your belongings. It’s not just about storing excess items; it’s about giving yourself time and space to decide what truly matters in your life. Here’s how self storage complements minimalism:

  • Transitional Space: Temporarily store uncertain items, giving you time to decide their importance in your life.
  • Seasonal Storage: Keep your home clutter-free by storing seasonal items like holiday decor or sports equipment.
  • Sentimental Items: Safely store sentimental belongings without them occupying daily living space.
  • Life Transitions: During major life changes, self storage offers a flexible solution for your belongings.
  • Manageable Decluttering: Tackle decluttering in stages, avoiding the feeling of being overwhelmed.
  • Space Experimentation: Test different minimalist setups in your home by temporarily moving items to storage.

Packing Tips for Self Storage

Getting your items ready for storage isn’t just about throwing them into boxes. Here’s how to do it smartly and safely:

  • Use Vacuum Bags for Soft Items: Soft stuff like clothes and bedding can be squashed down in vacuum bags. This saves heaps of room and keeps them safe from damp and bugs.
  • Dismantle Furniture: Got a big desk or a wardrobe? Take it apart if you can. It’ll save space and reduce the risk of damage. Keep screws and bits in a bag and tape it to the furniture so you don’t lose them.
  • Protect Fragile Items: Wrap your delicate items, like glasses or vases, in bubble wrap or newspaper. Place them in sturdy boxes and stuff any empty spaces with more paper to keep things snug and secure.
  • Be Wary of Plastic Covers: They’re great for keeping dust off, but they can trap moisture, which is bad news for some stuff. Use them carefully, especially with things that need air.
  • Inventory Is Key: Keep a list of what’s in your unit. Saves you the headache of rummaging through everything when you need to find something. Be sure to organise your storage unit with a central aisle for easy access.
  • Consider using shelving units within your storage unit to maximise vertical space and make it easier to access items.

Prohibited Items in Self Storage

It’s a common misconception that self storage units are a free-for-all when it comes to storing items. In reality, there are specific rules about what can and cannot be kept in these spaces. Self storage offers a fantastic option for those needing extra room, but it’s crucial to understand which items are prohibited from being stored in self storage units:

  • Hazardous Materials: Chemicals, flammable liquids like gasoline, propane tanks, paint, and explosives.
  • Perishables: Food items, as they can attract pests.
  • Illegal Items: Stolen goods or illegal substances.
  • Living Things: Plants or animals.
  • Weapons and Ammunition: These can pose serious safety risks.

Minimalism and Mental Health

Living a minimalist lifestyle can have a profound impact on mental health. The principles of minimalism foster an environment that reduces stress and anxiety. Clutter, both physical and mental, can be a significant source of stress. A study published in the “Journal of Environmental Psychology” found that individuals with cluttered homes experienced increased levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. By adopting a minimalist approach, you can:

  • Less Stress: A tidy space means less brain clutter, too. It’s easier to chill out when your surroundings aren’t chaotic.
  • More Focus, Less Fuss: Less stuff means fewer distractions. That’s good news for your concentration and peace of mind.
  • Happy Vibes: A neat and tidy place can make you feel pretty chuffed and boost your mood.
  • Living in the Now: Minimalism is all about the here and now, appreciating what you’ve got, and making choices that count.

Choosing Space Centre Self Storage

Although minimalism cannot single-handedly solve mental health problems, it does hold significant value as a component of a comprehensive well-being strategy. By simplifying your environment, you open up mental space for what truly holds importance, fostering a healthier and more balanced life.

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