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Customer Information | 01.10.14

We have never got enough storage space at home, have we? Piles of books, kids toys hanging around, creating a health hazard and clothes cluttering every drawer, cupboard and wardrobe.

Without knowing, it can happen. But how can you deal with it? How can we create more storage space without building an extension, adding a third storey to the house or digging down to create a basement?

Easy. First of all, you should de-clutter at every available opportunity. Not every week or maybe not every month. However, if you aim to clean up, spring clean or de-clutter, once every three months, you will establish a routine that will help when it comes to finding extra storage space.

Remember also, that if you are downsizing to a smaller home, you might also need to create extra storage space for your belongings.

Here are some key tips that will help you create extra storage space

1. If your kitchen cupboards and drawers are too full, why not start utilising the dead space beneath your kitchen wall cabinets? Buy some pretty storage jars and use the space to store sugar, tea or coffee.

2. Create storage space for your wine glasses with an under shelf stemware rack.

3. There is always potential storage space under the shelves in your pantry or bathroom closet. You can hang sturdy wire baskets made specifically for under shelf usage.

4. Why not put some hooks on the beam (if you have one) in the kitchen and hang your pots and pans? If your kitchen is big enough, you could actually empty at least one cupboard by doing this.

5 .If you do find space is an issue upstairs, especially in the children’s bedrooms, try buying some custom made drawers to place under the bed. They are ideal for storing toys, books or even clothes and shoes. It will provide endless extra storage space in your wardrobes and drawers.

6. If your children possess a large collection of books, why not consider putting wall mounted shelves above their existing book shelf. It’s a dead area that can be used to create so much extra storage space, not only for books, but for photo frames and ornaments too.

7. Shelving in the garage is key to creating extra storage space. Don’t fall into the trap of just piling things up on the floor. Your tower of goods will soon topple and create even more mess. Attach some sturdy shelves strong enough to store your tool box, paint pots, small gardening tools, buckets etc. There are some great ideas here.

8. Why not put two large screws into your garage wall and hang your bicycle on the wall? It will create storage space below

If you have any other tips on how to create extra storage space, why not let us know by posting a comment below? You can also find more storage tips on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Alternatively, if you still have too many belongings after de-cluttering and creating extra storage space, why not look us up on the web site and find out how you can rent a small, medium or large self storage unit

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