Creating extra storage space in your home

Customer Information | 21.04.15

How many of us are trying to find extra storage space at home?

The area beneath your stairs, the space on top of your wardrobe and the kitchen walls all provide valuable storage space. The same applies to bookshelves, the overlooked space under your bed and the ceiling in your kitchen where pots and pans can be hung.

We could all use more space in our home, whether it’s to accommodate our ever-expanding shoe collections or make room for a new addition to the family.

Have you thought about looking for and utilising that extra space? Are you struggling to find it? Here are some useful tips to help.

First of all, you should organise your existing strorage areas and if possible, de-clutter. Don’t hoard. Remember that if you do have a number of unwanted items – big or small – you can always put them ebay or take them to a charity shop. If they have sentimental or monetary value, you could consider a small unit at your local self storage centre. This way they’ll be safe and secure.

Secondly, organise exactly what you want to go into which room, and design the correct storage for your individual needs.

Remember there will always be a number of awkward spaces within your home that could become a personalised storage hub.

Here are 6 useful tips when it comes to finding extra storage space

Do you have too many doorways?

If one of your rooms has two doorways, it will immediately cut down the space in your room. Do you really need both doors? Why not consider replacing the doorway with a solid wall and then use that wall for shelving. This will provide so much extra storage space.

Have you got a bay window?

Have you thought about turning your bay window into an area for seating. This would not only make the area a focal point of the room, but if done properly, could even provide extra storage underneath.

Your kitchen is the room in your house where you can be really innovative.

Add a knife block to a cabinet wall, build a pantry shelving system for cans and bottles, create a roll-out pantry that fits between the fridge and the wall, use stick on hooks to hang pot lids on cabinet walls. If you want to get really adventurous you could add magnetic panels to your wall to store cookware and utensils. Slimline racks on the insides of doors work well for spices and packets etc.

Do you use the space under your stairs as a dumping ground? – DON’T!

How many of us use that valuable space beneath the stairs as a dumping ground? Shoes, wellies, the hoover and other bits and bobs are often slung under the stairs. What a waste! This area is valuable in terms of storage space. Consider some drawers or shelving. If your shoe and boot storage is already sorted you could even turn the area into a small library for your books. That would free up space in your lounge or bedroom where your current bookcase is taking up valuable room.

Bathroom ideas

Many of us have small bathrooms with few areas of storage. However, if you use your imagination, you can make space without spending too much money. Shelves, cabinets, racks and hooks are all great. Have a look here for some good ideas.

Planning for the future

When you’re looking at how to increase your storage options, don’t just focus on short-term solutions. Think longer term. For example, you might be planning your first child and are in the process of decorating your child’s room. If you are, make sure that when it comes to buying furniture, you do so with the longer term in mind. Look at a cot that turns into a bed when your child grows and one that has storage drawers beneath. Consider modular units and wall shelving and not bulky wardrobes and chests of drawers. If you make the right choice, you will not only create more space but you will have adequate storage space that will grow with your child.

Do you have any good ideas on how to create extra storage space in the home? If so let us know.

If you are in the North Bristol and Gloucestershire areas of south west England and you do need some extra storage space or advice, give us a call. We have units of all sizes to meet your needs.

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