Common mistakes when using self storage units

Customer Information | 26.11.14

If you want to do something well, do it properly. The same applies when you come to choosing and stacking your self storage units.

Deciding to use one of your local self storage units is the easy bit. You fancy a spot of de-cluttering and you make a call. Your local self storage centre has a unit to suit your needs and the process is underway.

However, have you ever thought how to de-clutter, how to sift through your belongings and how to plan what goes where when you finally pick up the key to your unit?

How would you pack a tea set, the spare Chesterfield, a table and chairs and or your garden furniture which is causing one or two lack of space problems in the garage?

Like anything, there is a right and a wrong way. If you take the easy option and literally stuff your goods into the unit, you will pay the price at a later date.

Do things properly and you will not only maintain the value of your goods, but your life will become a whole lot easier.

Five tips to make your self storage process run smoothly

1. Make a plan
It will help your process run smoothly. Sketch out a floor map on paper before you start packing and think about those items that you’ll want to easily retrieve. Label boxes with coloured markers so you can quickly tell the difference between books and CDS and kitchen items and kids’ stuff. Be sure to plan several pathways for smooth storage navigation.

2. Don’t pile boxes too high
It’s obvious. Six heavy boxes on top of four lighter ones will create a problem. DON’T pile your boxes too high and put the heavy boxes, full of books, at the bottom. Make sure your box piles are no more than six feet high. You don’t want to be climbing up step ladders to retrieve an item from a box which is touching the ceiling.

3. Cover and protect valuable items
If you do have sofas, pieces of antique furniture and valuable items that you will either use or sell at a later date, be sure to cover them well. Here are 2 previous posts you might find useful.

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4. Don’t forget the small things
They might seem insignificant, but the small things are vital. Did you empty the petrol from your lawn mower? Is the toaster really crumb-free? Are those dresser drawers empty? Little things have an ideal storage spot when they’re tucked inside bubble wrap pouches and small boxes, but make sure you know what’s going in before it’s all locked up.

5. Do not underestimate dust and damp
Make sure your self storage units are damp free and if possible, dust free. Damp free or climate-controlled self storage units are not necessarily air-tight.

Dust finds its way in, and heavy rains raise humidity levels, so protect your things with sensible solutions that combat dust and damp. Seal boxes shut with packing tape, and store them off the floor on wooden pallets. Hang clothing inside cardboard wardrobes covered with light, protective material, and use cotton mattress bags to keep your bedding fresh.

If you’re about to use self storage and  have any concerns about how to store your goods or belongings, let us know. Here at Space Centre Self Storage we want to help. Alternatively you can find our phone numbers on the website.

If you live in the North Bristol or Gloucestershire area and are looking for a damp free self storage option, give us a call.

If you’ve got any tips to add to the list, not let us know in the comment box below.

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