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Customer Information | 17.09.14

It’s that time of year when we all wrack our brain for storage solutions.

The kids are back in school and the aftermath of their summer holiday is there for all to see. There are books and clothes everywhere. It’s the scene most parents are familiar with.

In a few weeks’ time, when the weather changes and the nights begin to draw in, the time will come to rescue those winter woollies from the attic. Snow boots, ankle boots, overcoats, hats, scarves and gloves will all come out. And they too, will command their corner of storage space.

Working on the assumption that there’s no time like the present, maybe it’s time to establish some storage solutions for those new school clothes and seasonal garments. 

Here are 7 tips to make life easier when it comes to de-cluttering and finding storage solutions

1. De-cluttering is an art. Ask the experts. When you embark on a spot of de-cluttering, make sure you are organised and get someone else to help you. It passes the time!

2. De-clutter one room before starting on the next one. Do not skip from one to the next and back again. You will NEVER get anything done.

3. If your children need extra wardrobe space for their new uniforms, why not create some space by storing some of their summer clothes in the loft. Make sure you hang them and bag them up properly before you send them upstairs.

4. If your children are entering their first GCSE year, they are sure to have more books than ever. If so, you could buy a small shelf and fix it to their bedroom wall. An unobtrusive addition, but a valuable one. Remember, an extra bookcase will eat up valuable space.

5. Staying on the subject of back to school, it’s time to get the lunch boxes and bags out. They need to be kept where they’re quick and easy to find. Try giving them their own space in a cupboard somewhere. There are some great tips and ideas in this blog post by From Overwhelmed to Organised

6. Don’t just throw those unwanted clothes away. Someone will always be grateful. You can either visit your local charity shop or ask the school if you can pin a notice on the board.

7. If you already have a small storage unit at your local self storage centre, maybe you could create extra space around the house by storing some of those unwanted summer goods in the unit.

Have you got any good ideas or any storage solutions that will help create space around the home? If so let us know. You can post your ideas below or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.


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