5 Tips for safe storage when decorating or renovating

Customer Information | 19.01.15

Right now you might be thinking about redecorating. You’ve given the rooms a good clean to make sure you’ve got all the remnants of the christmas tree, moved the sofas to retrieve the bits of party poppers left from New Year and in stepping back to take a look and congratulate yourself on a job well done, you realise that it’s probably time for a lick of paint. You may even be thinking of a bigger renovation. Did having all the family around at Christmas make you think you need a little more space?

If so, whatever your project, large or small you need to consider how to protect your belongings against dust, paint and maybe even the builders themselves.

Safe storage of your belongings is key to your preparations. If you neglect the organisation and protection of your belongings, it could take the shine off your renovation and decoration work.

Here are five safe storage tips to make sure everything goes smoothly

1. Cover your furniture and carpets.

If you are decorating your rooms, make sure you cover your furniture and carpets with suitable sheets. Plastic sheets are fine as are bed sheets. But don’t leave gaps – you can be sure that if you leave a gap, you will spill some paint on the exposed area! In addition make sure sheets are thick enough so any small drips will not soak through onto the furniture underneath. This post is aimed at tradesman but has some good advice about the types of dust sheets to use.

2. Protect against the builders
Are you having a conservatory or extension built? If so, the builders will almost certainly need to come through your house. Dirty boots and clean carpets don’t mix! Protect your floors and make sure you take valuables off cupboards and tables to avoid the disappointment of them being knocked over and broken.

3. Pack crockery and glassware properly
If you are decorating your kitchen, remember that crockery is easily broken. Safe storage is essential. Move them to another room and make sure you pack them properly. The most important rule of storage for china is to do it carefully. These items can be fragile and should be handled with care.

Here are some general rules of thumb.

  • Don’t crowd items together, always lift items off a stack, don’t slide them. Stack smaller items at the top, not at the bottom. Make sure the stacks don’t go too high.
  • Do not crowd items of glassware together. This will increase the liklihood of scratching or breakage. Your stemware should be stored upright, on its base, and not stacked.

4. Protect your furniture and storage boxes
If you decide to use your own garage to store your furniture, on a short term basis, make sure you protect your items properly. Cover your furniture and don’t drag items across the concrete floor. Also, don’t pack your shelves too high and avoid leaving breakables on the floor. Use proper storage boxes and mark them well, so you know which box is full of sturdy items and which is full of breakables.

5. Consider short term self storage
If you are short on space at your home and use your garage to park your car, you may want to consider a short term lease at a local self storage centre. If you go down this safe storage route, remember the same rules apply to packing your belongings in readiness for storage.

Do you have a disaster story to share about breakages while decorating or renovating? Maybe you’ve got some additional tips items prior to storage to keep them safe? Share them in the comments box below.

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