Working From Home – How To Get It Right

Working from home | 31.03.22

Now that the worst of the pandemic has passed, are you able to continue working from home? It is a great way to improve your work-life balance which means you may even be considering changing your job to keep that flexibility of remote work. In this article, we share some valuable advice about organising your home office and how to utilise a business storage unit.

Working From Home Post-Covid

During covid, many people started working from home and set up ‘temporary home offices’. While some had a spare room or study, others used the dining room table, kitchen table or the area on the landing, especially when the kids are at school. 

Whichever area you decide on for a home office, it’s probably time to put something a little more permanent in place. The dining room table and the chair were great for a while, but really, not very good for your posture. Poor seating positions and improper office furniture can cause all sorts of back problems. Here is how to turn your home office into a super-organised space.

Tips For Organising Your Home Office

Clear out the space and get a proper desk and chair but it doesn’t have to be an expensive office desk. You just need somewhere you can go to work and then leave later without having to clear everything away afterwards.

  • Have a specific space for your office equipment and supplies. This will help to keep everything organised and you’ll know where everything is when you need it.
  • If you have children, try to set some working hours that coincide with when they are not at home. This will help to avoid any distractions and allow you to focus on your work.
  • Use a business storage unit to store any excess office equipment or supplies that you don’t have room for in your home office. This will free up more space in your office and also help to keep everything organised and easily accessible.

How To Set Up A Good Home Office

Working from home can be a great way to balance work and personal life, but it can also be difficult to get right. Here are some tips for setting up and working from your home office successfully:

  • Choose the right space and make sure it’s quiet and comfortable so you can focus on your work
  • Get all the necessary equipment, including a quality chair, a desk, adequate lighting, a computer or laptop and a printer
  • Set up a filing system for your documents and papers to stay organised and machine-efficient when working from home
  • Plan for your workday as it will help keep you on track and avoid distractions
  • Take regular breaks and get up from your desk as often as you can. Moving often can help avoid fatigue whilst boosting productivity
  • Stay connected with your co-workers and clients. This will help to maintain communication and collaboration when working from home.

Creative Ideas For A Home Office

While we’ve covered some of the easiest and most practical organising tips when working from home, have a look at these amazingly creative home office ideas. The amount of space you can save will leave you speechless.

Folding Office Space In The Hallway

Hallways are more than just an entry-point as they’re actually quite a good space for a home office. While you could create something yourself, this particular design by Carpetright uses a flip-down wall desk that is painted to match the decor. When not in use, you can easily pack the desk away and use it as shelving for books, plants and other decorative items.

Put A Home Office Inside A Cupboard/Wardrove

With the covid lockdowns, most of us spent a lot of time at home and hopefully followed our guidelines to declutter. If you’ve cleared out a cupboard in your home, you could turn it into a small office to make working from home even more organised.

Use A Floating Desk And Shelves When Working From Home

If you have limited space, a cosy nook or an awkward corner, floating workstations and shelves may provide you with enough room to set up a home office. You can use it for equipment, books or documents. Where possible, create a workspace near a windowsill to benefit from natural lighting.

Under The Stairs Home Office

Have you thought about ways to utilise the space under the stairs? It could make for a great home office by making use of the under-stair space and adjacent wall. You can add a rug or laminate flooring to break up the area and give it its own identity.

How To Utilise A Business Storage Unit When Working From Home

Business storage units can be a great solution for storing extra office equipment, documents, and supplies. It can be especially helpful when working from home and using these tips will help you maximise the available space:

  • Label all of your boxes and containers clearly so you can easily find what you are looking for
  • Create an inventory list of all of your belongings in the storage unit
  • Keep only the essentials in your office space as you can keep the rest in self storage
  • Utilize the space in your business storage unit efficiently by using mobile shelving units, placing large items on the bottom and smaller ones on top
  • Rotate your stock regularly to avoid having too much stuff in your unit for a long time
  • Keep your business storage unit clean and organised at all times
  • Regularly review your business storage needs and adjust as necessary

Are You Working From Home?

We’ve established that it’s important to have a designated space when working from home and that you need a filing system for all of your documents and papers. If you are working from home, it’s important to stay connected with your co-workers and clients as this will help maintain communication and collaboration.

Working from home can be challenging but with this guide, you can get it right and celebrate your success! For more information on our wide range of business storage units, get in touch with our branches in Gloucester, Stroud, Bristol and Stonehouse. If you like to read more helpful articles like this one, simply join our long list of readers by following our blog.

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