Why Business Storage Is The Way Forward

Business Storage | 27.05.22

While you would usually associate self storage with furniture, collectables, toys, books and and clothing, what about business storage units? Business owners know all too well the high rent of an office space or premises for storage. Not to mention the cost of shipping an item and how waiting times can impact the bottom line. These are just some areas where business storage can help. When it comes to business storage blogs, this article should be at the top of your list. Here are just some of the reasons so many businesses are turning to self storage and how it could benefit you as well!

Is Business Storage Right For Your Company?

Before you start pricing things out, make sure you need the extra space. When it comes to finance and logistics, renting a business storage unit may be a big investment and the decision shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s a flexible solution to a variety of challenges, and discussing it with the service provider is the best approach to knowing what they can and cannot do for you.

With many different sized storage units and facilities, not all offer the same services or pricing. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right business storage solution for your specific requirements. Let’s take a look at some of the businesses that rely on self storage and how they use them.

Who Can Use Business Storage?

Many types of businesses use self storage for several reasons and some examples include the following:

  • Plumbers, electricians and garden companies use business storage for tools, equipment, stock and even vehicles
  • Gyms, Yoga studios and health spas can store gym machines, equipment or treatment beds
  • Theatre and event management companies store props, costumes, stands, lighting and other stage building equipment
  • Cafes and restaurants can store stock, marketing materials or excess tables and chairs, especially for seasonal establishments
  • Accountants and solicitors store documents, files and other important papers
  • Online and offline retailers can store stock and use it as a distribution hub (if the facility allows it)
  • Engineering companies can store extra equipment, tools and components until they need them
  • Exhibitors for trade shows can keep stands, stalls, posters and other materials in a business storage unit
  • Retailers can keep all their seasonal stock in a safe place until next year

Warehousing For E-Commerce Brands

Anyone running an online business can benefit from storing products or tools in a self storage unit. Many prefer it since the units are dust-free and climate-controlled while also offering more flexibility and security than storing things at home or the office. A business storage unit is also significantly cheaper than renting premises intended as a warehouse or stock room.

Vintage clothing and furniture brands are among those who can benefit the most since humidity and sudden temperature changes can damage wood and certain fabrics. Security is also a major consideration as self storage units are permanently under surveillance. Many facilities also have on-site security personnel and 24-hour access control for added peace of mind.

Use As An Alternative Office

If the facility allows, you can even use a business storage unit as an alternative office, especially if you are a service provider or you work from home. As many of us have experienced during the lockdowns, it can be difficult to work from home with your partner, children and pets all over the house.

A common misconception is that all self storage units are like bunkers without windows and light. The truth is, there are many storage facilities specifically built to be used as offices while others even offer access to business centres with additional facilities. Where applicable, electricity and wireless internet can also be used in a business storage unit.

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Video Production Companies

Since many small to medium-sized video producers lack the funds for a big studio and can’t work from home, a self storage unit can help. Provided they don’t use permanent fixtures or do any physical alterations to the unit, they can decorate it accordingly and shoot a video inside.

Considering there are various sizes available, some of them are big enough to shoot even YouTube videos and advertisements. All you need is access to electricity and Wi-Fi but before you do anything, speak to the facility manager or owner to see if they have any reservations about your venture.

Short-Term Storage When Moving Or Downsizing

If your business is renovating, downsizing or relocating, you can rent a business storage unit short-term. You can use it to temporarily store items during the process which significantly reduces the risk of damage or theft. Ideally, you should choose a storage facility with drive-up access to make loading and unloading much easier.

Since not all businesses are the same, it’s best to choose a facility that offers a variety of unit sizes for all of your goods. During renovations or while moving, a business storage unit is ideal for the following items:  

  • Appliances such as a coffee maker, kettle, toaster and microwave 
  • Cubicle dividers
  • Desktop computers
  • Filing cabinets and business documents 
  • Furniture items including desks, chairs, tables and couches
  • Office supplies such as printing and copying paper, folders and printers
  • Additional office décor  

Benefits Of Using Business Storage

Many storage facilities have popped up across the country due to more competition from a growing business customer base. This is mainly due to lower overheads, added security and ease of 24-7 access. Flexible business storage presents many possibilities for different business types, especially those who want to buy supplies in bulk at a discounted rate. Here are some of the main benefits of business storage.

  • You can run your business from almost anywhere with a central, low-cost distribution or holding centre
  • Logistical costs are much lower and you can even set up to collect goods on-demand only
  • It costs considerably less than renting a warehouse or office space
  • Lower overheads mean you can use funds for marketing, staffing or training
  • You get to declutter your office while keeping everything safe which leads to increased productivity
  • Flexible storage rates, terms and conditions with a short notice period

What Can’t I Put In A Business Storage Unit?

Like us at Space Centre Self Storage, most facilities will give you a clear guide as to what you may and may not store. If you are unsure about anything, read your paperwork thoroughly before signing or simply ask the centre directly. It’s not worth the risk of putting your safety or that of others at risk. Some items you cannot put into self storage include:

  • Flammables and combustibles such as petrol, oil, propane, gas and certain chemicals
  • Animals, plants and perishable food items
  • Hazardous and pressurised materials like aerosols
  • Illegal or stolen goods and weapons of any kind
  • Perfumes and fragrances
  • Jewellery and valuables unless you have special insurance as some sites won’t allow the storage of luxury goods

Why Choose Space Centre Self Storage?

While there are many good storage facilities in the UK, remember to read the contract thoroughly. Not all facilities charge the same or they may have different policies and procedures. At Space Centre Self Storage, our customers enjoy full transparency in all communications without any small print or additional charges.

We offer FREE storage insurance of up to £3000 and you can use our provider or choose your own. Our prices are guaranteed for 12 months and we don’t tie you to long term contracts. There is also no extra if you need a different unit or extend your rental period. For more information or to get a quote, contact us today!

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